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  1. Download Electronics by Paul Nagle, Ideation, and Joint Intelligence Committee
  2. The Spacey Electronic Music by Steve Dinsdale
  3. Steve Roach: Old & New
  4. Two Sides of Gregory Kyryluk: Alpha Wave Movement and Within Reason
  5. Ron Boots: a Heritage of Evocative Electronic Music
  6. Ambient: Agate Rollings, Numina, Craig Padilla & Zero Ohms
  7. The Delightful Return of Curved Air
  8. Electronics: Paul Ellis, Gert Emmens, Galactic Anthems
  9. Nektar: A Spoonful of Time
  10. Awesome Electronic Music by Parallel Worlds and Dave Bessell
  11. Majestic Electronics by David Wright (Solo and with Trinity and Code Indigo)
  12. Indie Electronics: Asmodelle, Foovian Bar, Transcend with Time, X-tivity Factor
  13. Electronics: Can Atilla, Stefan Erbe, Lord of the Ants
  14. Electronics: Rudy Adrian, Darshan Ambient, Herbert Deutsch
  15. Indulge the Passion by Picture Palace Music
  16. The Sparkling Electronic Music of Steve Moore
  17. Ian Boddy: New and Old Electronic Music
  18. Ambient Music: Apollonius, Eyes Cast Down, James Johnson/Aperus
  19. Djam Karet: Band Effort and Offshoot Project
  20. Electronics: Uwe Gronau, Mythos, Ramsaygee
  21. More Trancey Pop Music by Bill Nelson
  22. The Eclectic Electronic Music of Saul Stokes
  23. The Electronic Music of Divine Matrix
  24. Electronics: Dreamerproject, the Glimmer Room, Dan Pound
  25. Ambient Electronics by Steve Roach
  26. More Gray Mortuary
  27. The Steve Hillage Band--Live
  28. "Phoenix Rising" by Rovo & System 7
  29. Eclectic Chamber Music: Aranis
  30. Colour Division by Ian Boddy & Markus Reuter
  31. The Crimson ProjeKCts
  32. The Spacey Electronic Music of Andreas Akwara
  33. The Inventive Electronic Music of Cyberchump
  34. Classic Robert Wyatt
  35. Progressive Music: Allan Holdsworth, Soft Machine Legacy
  36. Ambient EPs, a Live Concert, and an Old Studio Album by Erik Wollo
  37. Jah Wobble collaborates with Marconi Union
  38. Space Rock: Mahogany Frog, Floorian
  39. New Electronic Music by Schönwälder and Friends
  40. Astral Disaster by ['ramp]
  41. Electronics: W.A. dePhul, Interconnected/Zealosphere
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