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Indulge the Passion by Picture Palace Music

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While not playing with Tangerine Dream, Thorsten Quaeschning heads up a sonic collective called Picture Palace Music, who tend to specialize in modern soundtracks for silent films.

With this release, the band ventures into exploring soundtracks for states of emotional euphoria.

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PICTURE PALACE MUSIC Indulge the Passion (CD on Groove Unlimited)

This CD from 2012 features 75 minutes of powerful electronic music.

The band line-up for this release is: Thorsten Quaeschning, Sasha Beater, Kai Hanuschka, Vincent Nowak, Djirre, David See, Jurgen Heibemann, Tommy Betzler, Thorsten Spiller, Stephan Mortimer, Nadine Gomez, and Vanessa Q.

The electronics are versatile and masterful, slithering everywhere with their liquid beauty and melodic pulsations. Keyboards delineate luscious passages of slippery ambrosia, often the notes springing forth with an energetic vitality. Straight piano features integrally in places, evoking a potent sense of dreamy nobility.

The guitar has dual roles here. The electric guitar remains puissant but generally immersed in the mix, growling from this concealed vantage. Granted, at other times the guitar's issue shines with pyrotechnic wonder. Meanwhile, acoustic strumming fulfills the duality, lending certain passages a romantic charm.

The percussion is nimble and snappy, nicely intensifying the music's sense of drama with momentous rhythms. The complexity of the tempos serves to accentuate that tension.

Occasions of violin and mandolin lend the tunes an appealing animation.

These compositions display a vivid dramatic quality, sweeping the listener into an escalating emotional agitation as the tunes wrestle to dominate the psyche with their glorious luster. The melodies are not only strong and memorable, but exhibit a predilection to heighten the audience's appreciation of the induced state of awe.

While fundamentally contemporary electronic music, these songs blaze with lucid rock tendencies. This influence bestows everything with a commanding urgency. Even the slower pieces seethe with a burgeoning passion.

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