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The Electronic Music of Divine Matrix

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Divine Matrix is Steve Barnes.

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DIVINE MATRIX Invisible Landscapes (CD on AD Music)

This CD from 2011 features 65 minutes of elegant electronic music.

Sparkling electronics are utilized to generate lush contemporary electronic music with a hint of techno lurking in the mix. Strings (a la guitar and orchestral sections) augment this pursuit.

A wide variety of electronics are employed, many of which fall into the crystalline class: shimmering tones and amiably tinged pulsations. While there are texturals forming vaporous backdrops, these are mainly created by the use of basically lead riffs being relegated to secondary status, forming an atmospheric realm of somewhat lively patterns.

Keyboards trigger many of the threads, establishing undulating passages of twinkling electronics. Traditional piano serves as a grounding element, unifying the diverse flows with a humanizing touch.

Bass tones are liberally peppered throughout the music, as are instances of gently strummed guitars. Faux orchestral strings lend certain passages a certain nobility.

Not much actual percussion is present in these tunes. While some e-perc is evident, most rhythms are generated through the cyclic application of non-impact keyboard chords.

These compositions exhibit a delicate majesty. Stately melodies are coaxed into astral territory where they expand into animated tunes that infect ethereal sounds with a subtle techno bounce. The result remains far from the dancefloor, though, delving into turf that appeals to aficionados of modern EM.

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DIVINE MATRIX Atmospheric Variations (CD on AD Music)

This CD from 2012 features 76 minutes of gracefully ethereal electronic music.

Barnes takes a more ambient disposition with these tunes.

Matching the albumÕs title, an atmospheric attitude is exemplified by the electronics. While few actual textural layers are employed, the musicÕs general vaporous mien are handled by softer lead electronics. In fact, a twinkling softness dominates these electronics.

Keyboards guide the majority of the electronics, generating lush threads of harmonic definition that merge together to establish lovely melodies. While these gestalts are marked by a certain complexity, the individual threads display a peaceful simplicity in their sonic delineation.

No percussion disturbs the flow of these tunes. Even the keyboard cycles are subdued, lacking any rapid pulsations that might approximate rhythms. (Okay, a few tracks allow the riffs to muster enough puissance to act as rhythms, but a steadfast tenderness is maintained.)

A stately gentility characterize these compositions. Sultry tones are crafted into riffs that shimmer with an airy delicacy, conveying moods of buoyant floating. But do not expect fragile ambience here; instead, this music possesses a subtle strength hidden in its ethereal presence. The melodies, while softly amiable, communicate a cerebral nobility rooted in the keyboardsÕ predilection of indulging in mild variance instead of steady, unvarying constants.

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DIVINE MATRIX Music For Space Travel (free DDL on AD Music)

This release from 2012 features 66 minutes of slick electronic music.

This release features music of both soft and dynamic modes.

There are gentle tunes comprised of drifting chords and moody tonalities. These evoke a spacey flair without getting too weird.

There are energetic pieces, marked by bouncy keyboards and grounded by elegant piano. The interplay of different threads is particularly crafty here, generating tunes of high appeal.

The presence of snarling space guitar lends a few of those animated tunes a gutsy attitude. As synthetic percussives accent those tracksÕ peppy nature.

Generally, the offerings are clear representations of both sides of Barnes music as Divine Matrix: airy and sprightly.

A certain nobility is affected by these compositions. Whether ambient or spry, the songs convey a refined posture steeped in astral dispositions. Instead of attempting to evoke specific aspects of life in outer space, these tunes strive to offer melodies that would easily and comfortably accompany space travel, filling the void with engaging tuneage.

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ThereÕs also a free DDL EP offering 22 minutes of delicate electronic music styled in a more ambient mode.

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