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Indie Electronics: Asmodelle, Foovian Bar, Transcend with Time, X-tivity Factor

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ASMODELLE Transelectrix (CD on Asmodelle Music)

This CD from 2010 features 50 minutes of electronic dance music.

Asmodelle is Estelle Modelle, an Australian actress turned electronics composer.

Poppy electronics and e-perc conspire to generate lively tuneage.

These electronics are designed to instigate toe-tapping urges. The range tends to fall into the dancefloor variety, with surging pulsations cycled with additional oscillations which deliver variations to the overall melodies. There is little-to-no use of background texturals, establishing a crisp dominance for the lead riffs.

Keyboards are generally the device controlling the electronics, creating supple chords spiced up by auxiliary electronic effects.

Percussion (of an electronic nature) plays a vital role here, lending animated locomotion to the tunes. The beats are rather steadfast, rarely plunging into any hyperactivity.

The compositions lend aspects of rock and funk with contemporary electronics, resulting in a dose of modern instrumental dance music. The tune's structures are basically rather simple, striking to the heart of the matter and expressing a good-time joviality with scarce embellishment.

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FOOVIUS BAR The Fooviron Assembly (DDL on Foovian Bar Music)

This release from 2012 features 41 minutes of eccentric electronic pop music.

Foovian Bar is Doug Benson.

A selection of tunes whose quirky electronics are tempered by cybernetic rhythms, resulting in music with an eccentric appeal.

Although somewhat thin in density, the electronics are quite versatile, ranging from airy tones to bouncy riffs. Their resonance is crisp and to-the-point. Rarely wasting time with artsy development, the melodies get right to things. Nimble-fingered keyboards keep the chords lively with acrobatic riffs.

The percussion is similarly ephemeral, often stemming from synthetic origins. The tempos are often mechanical, yet achieve a liberated (if not organic) definition. Some quasi-normal percussion (which is probably synthesized as well) is utilized, fleshing out the rhythmic presence.

These compositions possess a robotic charm, sort of like a retro version of techno pop, although there's a definite modern edge to the songs. They're all short, enabling the melodies to succinctly reach their point and frolic with eclectic abandon. For all their simplicity, the tunes have a natural charm that can be quite infectious.

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TRANSCEND WITH TIME The Calling Whisper (DDL on Transcend with Time Music)

This CD from 2012 features 62 minutes of gentle electronic music.

Transcend with Time is Mark Mendieta.

Celestial electronics blend with keyboards and percussion to generate a delightful excursion into cerebral tuneage.

The electronics employ airy tones as a foundation for more melodic keyboards. The former establish an astral realm beyond earthly considerations, while the latter spice things up with lilting melodies of a delicate, often pensive character. These keyboards possess a charming gentility as they define riffs with smoothly blended chords which slide along with entrancing allure. Frequently, piano introduces a classical touch to the heavenly flow.

Soft percussion offers a comfortable propulsion to several tracks. The beats are generally muffled, relegating them to a submerged status so that they lend oomph without being overly intrusive.

Gentle guitar provides a romantic edge with dreamy passages of relaxed strumming.

These compositions exhibit a deftly crafted nocturnal quality (not the spooky type but more akin to a congenial taste of an easygoing evening). The melodies are crisp and smooth, enticing the listener to drift away with the fluid tuneage. The use of acoustic guitar in conjunction with the dreamy electronics bestows the music with an amiable nature, establishing a distinctly organic edge to the otherwise celestial tuneage.

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X-TIVITY FACTOR Planetary Travel (DDL on X-tivity Factor Music)

This release from 2012 features 26 minutes of bouncy electronic music.

X-tivity Factor is Manuel Marino.

Basic electronics and e-perc produce simple tunes with a techno charm.

The electronics are relatively simple. The gist is confined to the central them and thereby indulges little deviation. While there are often several tracks per song, they are kept minimal so that they nicely mesh without undue complication.

An assortment of keyboards provides a variety of sweet riffs which comprise the nucleus of the songs.

This music relies heavily on e-perc to motivate the melodies into a bouncy form. Heavy bass pulses augment this propulsion.

these compositions are primarily pop tunes held in restraint and channeled through contemporary electronic music. The result is pleasant and unpretentious, direct and succinct. The songs are all brief, so the melodies assemble and do their thing without delay. The music is quite bouncy and possesses a tasty level of engaging riffs.

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