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  1. Orchestral Electronics with Manuel Göttsching
  2. Slipper
  3. Indie Rock: David Scott Jack, Many Birthdays, Melodic Energy Commission, the Pigs, the Terminal Generation
  4. Bouncy Electronics by Stefan Erbe
  5. Ambient: Darshan Ambient, Ben Fleury-Steiner, Remanence, Rumfoskning
  6. Electronics: Thomas Fanger, Detlef Keller, Rob Papen, Thought Guild
  7. Can by Can
  8. Power Rock: Djam Karet, Random Touch
  9. Experimental Music: Aidan Baker, Michael Chocholak, Robert Ziino
  10. Ambient: Alio Die/Jack or Jive, Mikronesia, Off the Sky, Craig Padilla/Zero Ohms
  11. Michael Thomas Roe's Electronic Collaborations
  12. Robert Rich: Lithosphere and Electric Ladder
  13. Orchestras Plus: Ad Ombra, Ian Anderson, and Bill Nelson
  14. Electronic Ambience on Spotted Peccary Music: Between Interval, Dean De Benedictis, Jon Jerkins, J. Arif Verner
  15. The Savage Electronics of Mental Anguish
  16. Rock: Darxtar, History of Guns
  17. The Superbly Compelling Pop Music of Mike Schmid
  18. Electronics: Broekhuis, Keller and Schönwälder, Create, the Omega Syndicate, Synthetic Block
  19. Progrock: Forgas Band Phenomena, French TV, Machine and the Synergetic Nuts
  20. Indie Electronics: Aetopus, Antherius, Digital Samsura, Dereck Higgins
  21. The Dramatic Electronic Music of Syndromeda
  22. Moonlake by Klaus Schulze
  23. Indie Techno: Grouse, Kilowatts, Sonic Radiation
  24. Electronics: Airsculpture, Embrase, Fanger & Schönwälder, Frank Klare
  25. Mask: Sonja Kristina and Marvin Ayres
  26. Ambient: Between Interval, Max Corbacho, William Fields, Chad Hoefler
  27. Rock: Avenpitch, the Cheebacabra, Hoover's G-String, the Mackrosoft
  28. Electronics: Paul Ellis, Steve Jolliffe, the Ministry of Inside Things, Surface 10
  29. Illbient Electronics: Kamotek, Pridon, Ultre, Audiobulb Collection
  30. Electronics: Create, the Omega Syndicate, Remy
  31. Experimental Music: Claudia, Rothkamm
  32. John Lakveet
  33. More EM from Syndromeda
  34. Techno: Delicate Noise, J-Punch, Techno Squirrels
  35. Ambient: Rudy Adrian, Richard Bone, Marcus Reuter, Bruno Sanfilippo
  36. Electronics on Groove Unlimited: Hemisphere, Nattefrost, Johan Timman, Wavestar
  37. The Many Faces of Soft Machine
  38. Fun with Analog Electronics
  39. Steve Roach: Live, Hyper, New Directions, and Ambience
  40. vidnaObmana: Classic Ambience and Modern Experimentation
  41. The Modern Jazz of the Mackrosoft
  42. Two Flavors of Ambience by Craig Padilla
  43. Powerful Electronics by David Wright
  44. The Industrial Gothic Music of Attrition
  45. Electronics: Binar, Javi Canovas, Gert Emmens, Klangwelt
  46. Rene van der Wouden: Masterfully Engaging Electronic Music
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