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  1. Richard Pinhas: Metatron
  2. Illbient: Mormo, Nauseous Youth Future, Obfusc
  3. Indie Electronics: Catherine Duc, the Jingle Kings, Miles MacMillan, Dan Pound, Sensitive Chaos
  4. Rock: Life of Riley, Rennick, Scarecrew, the Synthetic Dream Foundation
  5. Electronics: Ian Boddy, Ron Boots, Peter Mergener & Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock, Sunya Beat
  6. Prog Rock: Franck Balestracci, Sebastian Lorefice, Nebelnest, Univers Zero
  7. The Stunning Guitar Rock of Dimaension X
  8. The Fascinating Electronic Music of Heuristics Inc.
  9. Indie Electronics: Electric Skychurch, Single Cell Orchestra, Welder
  10. Techno: Digital Geist, Kinder Atom, Labo_Labs
  11. Electronics: Vic Hennegan, Mark Jenkins, John Lyell, Synthetic Block
  12. Experimental Music: Long Hair, Nokalypse, Tokyo Mask
  13. Electronics: Easy & Lucky, Fanger & Schönwälder, Mind1spiral, Ololiuqui
  14. Rock: Age of Nemesis, Andi Sex Gang, Khallice, Shinyville
  15. Indie Electronics: Artemis, Cyberchump, Mystical Sun, North-Without-End
  16. The Trance Rock of Landing
  17. Classic Bomis Prendin
  18. Electronics: Parallel Worlds, Conrad Schnitzler, Frank van Bogaert, Erik Wollo
  19. Experimental: Feu Follet & Miina Virtanen, Pedaltone, I Mute Hummings Collection, Bernhard Wagner
  20. Bill Nelson: New and Old Music
  21. Electronics: Create, Mark Dwane, Robert Fox, Radio Massacre International
  22. Ambient: Amongst Myselves, As Lonely as Dave Bowman, Mark Renner
  23. The Floor's Too Far Away for Ozric Tentacles
  24. Mysteria by M.A.S.S.
  25. The Sinuous Electronic Music of Pub
  26. 'Ramp: Dark Electronics
  27. Stephen Parsick: Excessive Doombience
  28. Radium88
  29. More Ricochet Gathering Concerts (and Bas Broekhuis, Detlef Keller, Mario Schönwälder, Wolfram Spyra, & Bill Fox)
  30. Immersion 3 by Steve Roach
  31. The Heartfelt Electronic Music of Bekki Williams
  32. Collaborative Electronics: Broekhuis, Keller & Schönwälder; Code Indigo; Dave Fulton & Giles Reaves; Hoffmann-Hoock & Wöstheinrich
  33. Three Uses of Guitar: Ernest Gonzales, Joy Wants Eternity, Justin Roberts
  34. Ambient: Book of Shadows, Jeff Greinke, Michael Peck, Bruno Sanfilippo
  35. Dramatic Electronics: Andreas Akwara, Frank Klare
  36. Experimental Music: Mathias Delplanque, the Fields of Hay, the Missing Ensemble
  37. Eclectic Pop: Fragile Dragon, Tearwave
  38. Techno: Techno Squirrels, Thorsten
  39. Ambience on Hypnos: Austere, Lena, Numina, Rigel Orionis
  40. Electronics: Rudy Adrian, the Jupiter 8, Natural Frequencies, Soulwire
  41. Steve Roach: Fever Dreams 3
  42. Kadath the Dream Quest by Xcross
  43. vidnaObmana Gets Experimental
  44. The Soft Machine Legacy
  45. Todd Fletcher: Electronic Music, Soft and Lively
  46. Progrock: 48 Cameras, Phil Miller's In Cahoots, Protos
  47. Dan Pound: Electronic Bridges between Tomorrow and Bygone Eras
  48. A Darkwave Xmas
  49. Ilbience: Formication, I Broke My Robot, Soiled, tKatKa
  50. Modern Classical: John Luther Adams, Aranis, Ken Elkinson, Mico Nonet
  51. Robert Rich: Ambient Music for DVD, Installations, Collaboration, and Download
  52. Quarkspace Folds Space
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