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The Heartfelt Electronic Music of Bekki Williams

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The music of Bekki Williams possesses a rich humanity and lush drama that marks her as a talent to watch--and enjoy.

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BEKKI WILLIAMS: Edge of Human (CD on AD Music)

This release from 2007 offers 48 minutes of wonderful electronic music.

Williams plays synthesizers and flutes. She is joined by Paul Barraclough on guitar.

Heavenly choirs (or "voicey bits" as she calls them) establish a celestial milieu for the entrance of dreamily bouncy electronics and mildly peppy e-perc. Which swiftly escalates, becoming bouncier and more astral with more jovial rhythms. Sequencing bubbles with earnest vitality. Keyboards achieve a majestic stature, delivering melodies of sparkling definition. The electronics resound with a variety of sounds, deep and visceral, airy and fanciful, mixing harpsichord strains with recital piano and nimble-fingered synthesizers.

Some of the tunes display a thrilling classical edge with synthesized strings, while other tracks strike right for the soul with jubilant rhythms. Either way, the music radiates an outstanding epic proportion.

The percussives may be synthetic, but they bristle with a deeply human character, passionate despite their understated presence. At other times, the tempos swell with pulse-stimulating grandeur.

Fertile guitar adds an earthy touch to the luxurious tuneage.

A strong congenial disposition saturates this music. The music exudes a sense of breathtaking radiance. Imagine new age EM infused with a vibrant vigor and glistening charm. The compositions are tight and excellently structured, lacking any indulgence or unnecessary dalliance. The songs get right to the point with superb melodies whose emotional glory is delightful and cannot be denied.

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