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The Stunning Guitar Rock of Dimaension X

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Dimaension X is Dave Lanciani, an indie musician from Massachusetts whose compositions are volcanic in delivery and bewitching in scope. Fans of serious heavy metal are severely advised to dive into Lanciani's realm of guitar mastery.

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DIMAENSION X: Leprosia Doom (CDR on Dimaension X Music)

This release from 2006 features 55 minutes of tasty doom metal.

Brutal guitar licks blaze forth, describing teeth-grinding chords that shimmer with guttural vitality. The riffs mount to earth-shattering pinnacles that generate ecstatic bliss if one is willing to survive the headache inducing zone. Often spurning a nimble-fingered delivery, the guitar's visceral power flourishes with a driving puissance that depends on the density of the notes. Painfully sharp sustain is employed with crucial discrimination, lending these shrill pitchforks remarkable efficacy.

Powerful drumming provides a durable percussive foundation that knows when to soften, when to punctuate, and when to leap forth and rip the flesh from your face. A hesitancy is often present in the tempos, allowing the guitar pyrotechnics to shine with soul-searing verve.

Bass lurks in the compact mix, hiding deep down and inducing a subliminal rumble in support of the music's fiery nucleus. These basslines display a molten tendency, seeping to fill spaces between notes that might otherwise not be noticeable at all.

Piano and some keyboards are present, but hardly constant. Some pieces superbly prosper from their piano passages, injecting a touch of classical mien before the song explodes with modern severity. Similarly, electronics are infrequently utilized, but when they appear, they flavor the tunes with a slick undercurrent that enhances the overall conflagration.

The absence of any vocals allows the listener to focus on the savage beauty of the music.

These compositions generally rely heavily on an epic attack mode that cleverly masquerades the tunes' captivating allure. Meanwhile, some tracks exhibit a stunning complexity and blinding progression of swift notes. This music possesses a dark quality that actually invigorates the audience.

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DIMAENSION X: Bryson's Universe (CDR on Dimaension X Music )

This release from 2006 features 64 minutes of forceful space rock.

This time the music's topic is less gloom and more cosmic. But the overall approach remains unchanged. The tunes are chocked full of fiery guitar and insistent percussion.

For this release, the guitar blazes with artistic craft, belting out riffs of stratospheric fashion that involve elaborate chords spinning in skyward spirals. Slick performance and elastic fingering are employed with a sly determination that rivals Joe Satriani or Steve Vai. Fervent melodies are generated and dogged with emphatic diversions, blending growling notes with radiantly explosive solos. Blues roots fuse with acid rock to produce an astral elevation of dazzling satisfaction.

The percussion is suitably demonstrative, propelling the tunes with imperious rhythms. Artful beats surface periodically to season the tunes with novel breaks.

Basslines rumble with geological proportion, generating vibrations that seep through the mix like gravity waves traveling through bedrock.

There are more electronics here, sultry diodes oozing amidst vistas of searing guitar. The electronics provide a seductive cohesion that is almost invisible but strictly laudable, slipping into the mix with sneaky cunning.

Again, there are no vocals.

Exploring interstellar space, the compositions adopt a pensive quality that is often lost in the music's fundamental fervor. The melodies strive to achieve a cerebral disposition while never relinquishing a solid rock-out character. Passion runs high with each subsequent passage, producing tuneage that is exhausting and rewarding.

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