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The Trance Rock of Landing

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Formed in the late Nineties, Landing pursues the creation of dreamy, ethereal music using rock instruments instead of an array of synthesizers. Although their career has been erratic, the band's output has always maintained a dedication to superb space music, crafting sonic experiments heavy with free-flowing drones and buzzing guitar ambience.

Although recorded back in 2004 during sessions that led to the band's "Sphere" album, their "Gravitational IV" LP has remained unreleased until now.

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LANDING: Gravitational IV (limited edition vinyl LP on Equation Records)

This release from 2006 offers 42 minutes of ethereal space rock.

Landing is: Aaron Snow, Adrienne Snow, Daron Gardner, Dick Baldwin, and Peter Baumann.

Bewitching female crooning (of a non-lyrical nature) wafts like a cloud of feathers on a languid breeze. Delicate guitar effects mirror this aerial cascade with gentle notes subjected to heavenly reverb. These chords waver with crystalline shimmers and sparkle with evocative resonance, generating a placid atmosphere of dreamy textures. At some points, the guitar ambience surges into a grinding intensity, marking a transition into harsher tuneage.

The percussion is very understated, lumbering at the periphery of perception and creating an airy demeanor that gives the music a relaxed flair, hinting at significance just around the corner.

Electronics swim amid these elements, well hidden but distinctly felt. Tonal sweeps unfurl in the background, oozing like sedate honey to smooth the already otherworldly flow. The bass plays a similar role, lurking and contributing a faint rumble to the music.

One track features tranquil vocals that possess the same softness as the ephemeral melodies.

The compositions are trance masterpieces that exhibit no trace of techno or rave. Straight ahead rock instrumentation is employed to establish a state of transcendental ecstasy. The songs float with a weightless disposition that manages to achieve a captivating hold on the subconscious.

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