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  1. The Gutsy Guitars of Djam Karet
  2. Spacewalking with the Nightcrawlers*
  3. Klaus Schulze: Live @ Klangart
  4. Dweller at the Threshold and Paul Ellis*
  5. Prog Rock: Absolute Zero, Amber Asylum, Attention Deficit, Robert Berry, The Hosemobile
  6. Inconspicuous Ambience from the Foundry, Projekt, and Studio Seventeen
  7. Prog Rock: Ice Age, Matching Mole, Shadow Gallery, Subarachnoid Space, Tempest
  8. Relaxing with the Electronic Music of Don Slepian
  9. Modern Electronic Music: Adrian Stone, Victor Cerullo, Pascal Comelade & Richard Pinhas, Lobe, Remotion, Der Spyra
  10. International Electronics: Raviv Gazit, Piero Milesi, Radio Chongching, Dom F. Scab, Symptoms
  11. Ambience with Substance: Dean De Benedictis, Forrest Fang, Pete Namlook & Richie Hawtin, Robert Rich, Peter Schaefer, Saul Stokes
  12. Vibrant Electronic Music:Airsculpture, Arcanum, Steve Baltes/Harold Grosskopf/Axel Manrico Heilhecker, Syndromeda, Vir Unis
  13. Techno Samples: Autechre, Jerry Bonham, Victor Dinaire, Kinder Atom, Orb, Plexus, Future Groove Collective
  14. Hawkwind
  15. The Making of Ashra
  16. Electronic Music: Cyber Zen Sound Engine & Matt Borghi, Mark Dwane, Fanger & Schönwälder, Rainbow Serpent, Son-Dha, Syndromeda
  17. Rock by Bunnydrums, Curve, KMFDM, M-16, Nash the Slash
  18. The Enticing Ambience of Vir Unis
  19. The Engaging Ambience of James Johnson
  20. The Enthralling Dance Music of System 7
  21. Manikin Records: the First Decade
  22. Prog Rock on Cuneiform: Raoul Björkenheim, Hamster Theatre, Nebelnest, Picchio dal Pozzo, Univers Zero
  23. The Vibrantly Bewitching Electronic Music of Stefan Erbe
  24. The Spacey Electronic Music of Radio Massacre International
  25. The Ethereal Electronic Music of Steve Roach, Vidna Obmana, and Kelly David
  26. Classic Electronics: Mark Shreeve, Michael Stearns, Tangerine Dream, Lutz Ulbrich, Wavestar
  27. Anubian Lights
  28. Energetic Ambience Found within the Circular Ruins*
  29. The Versatile Electronic Music of Der Spyra
  30. Electronics: the Glimmer Room, Hemisphere, Otarion, Rey, Barbara Zielinska-Van
  31. Ambient music by a Foundry project, Jonathan Hughes, Hans-Joachim Roedelius, Antonio Testa & Alio Die
  32. The Aggressive Electronic Music of Mental Anguish
  33. The Cosmic Electronic Music of Foreign Spaces
  34. The Alluring Pop Music of Robert Wegmann
  35. The Ambient Soundscapes of Brannan Lane
  36. Prog Rock: Joe Deninzon, the Muffins, Present, Rascal Reporters, the Red Masque
  37. The Galactic Electronic Music of Syndromeda
  38. Strange Rock Music: Escapade, Farflung, Looper, Lydia Lunch/Anubian Lights, the Residents
  39. Cyber Zen Sound Engine*
  40. Peaceful electronics: Richard Pinhas, Remanence, Robert Rich & Ian Boddy, Steve Roach & Jeffrey Fayman, The Gatherings Concerts, Okeefenokee Dreams 2001
  41. The Regal Rock Music of Simple Minds
  42. Dramatic electronics: the Glimmer Room, Navigator, Primitive Painter, Pulby, Dom L. Scab, Frank van Bogaert
  43. Soft Machine and Related Projects
  44. The Delicate Ambience of Alpha Wave Movement
  45. The Cosmic Electronic Music of Galactic Anthems*
  46. The Enthralling Electronic Music of Ron Boots
  47. The Versatile Electronic Music of Rudy Adrian*
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