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  1. Lemonchill: Dreamy Electronics
  2. Robert Rich: Live Archives
  3. The Many Sides of Yumi Hara Cawkwell
  4. Two Ron Boots Electronic Collaborative Projects
  5. Progrock: Fred Frith, the Tiptons Saxophone Quartet, Univers Zero
  6. Electronics: Gert Emmens, Picture Palace Music, Dan Pound, Spyra
  7. Indie Electronics: the Amnis Initiative, Praguedren, Runningonair
  8. Electronics: Create, the Electric Golem, Nattefrost, Robert Simon Thoma
  9. Abstract Sonic Beauty by Ron Geesin
  10. Steve Roach: Electronic Ambience
  11. Spacerock: Quarkspace and Church of Hed
  12. Electronics: Alpha Wave Movement, Blutiger Fluss, Uwe Gronau, Peter Mergener
  13. Ambient: Apollonius & 33 Tetragammon, Pearson Constantino, Max Corbacho, Forrest Fang's Sans Serif
  14. Indie Music: Digital Geist, Jacob Duringer, Jacob Kroon, Jorge Natalin, Praguedren, Thought Thieves
  15. Nektar Remembers the Past
  16. Experimental Music: Michael Chocholak/Ooy, May Roosevelt
  17. The Thrilling Space Rock of Sula Bassana
  18. Electronics: Andreas Akwara, the Glimmer Room, Jeffrey Koepper, Dan Pound
  19. Live Electronic Music by Ian Boddy
  20. Ambient Music: Apollonius & 33 Tetragammon, Second Thought
  21. A Striking New Pinnacle for the Electronic Music of 'Ramp
  22. Electronics: Ian Boddy/Parallel Worlds, Memory Geist
  23. Indie Music: Praguedren, Steve Rose, Middle Pillar Sampler, Mark Wingfield & Kevin Kastning
  24. Electronic Music by Schonwalder & Friends
  25. Progrock: Marbin, Moraine, Slivovitz, Soft Machine
  26. Space Rock: Nog Cavanagh, Tracker, Uran, Vibravoid
  27. The Dazzling Guitars of Herd of Instinct
  28. Electronic Music: Paul Ellis, Saul Stokes, Erik Wollo
  29. The Cerebral Heavy Metal of Dimaension X
  30. Ambient: Steve Brand, Max Corbacho, A Produce & Loren Norell
  31. Richard Pinhas & Merzbow: Rhizome
  32. Spacefolds 11 by Quarkspace
  33. More Classic Gentle Giant Reissues
  34. Classic Krautrock: Mythos (Live in 1976)
  35. Indie Music: Biomass, Praguedren, Geoff Westen's Digital Activity
  36. City 21 by Radio Massacre International and On the Other Side by Steve Dinsdale
  37. Steve Roach's Journey of One
  38. Djam Karet Side Projects: Henderson/Oken and Hillmen
  39. Anentropic Potential by Bernhard Wostheinrich & Nadim Haque
  40. Medicine Box by Robert Rich
  41. Electronic Music: Lyonel Bauchet, Mark Dwane, Justin Vanderberg
  42. Ambient: Darshan Ambient, Sam Rosenthal, Bruno Sanfilippo & Max Corbacho
  43. Three Inventive Types of Trance: Akhet, Bass Communion, Snow Sandman
  44. Remote Transmissions by t2k
  45. Arctic Electronic Music by Triple S
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