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  1. Contemporary Works Volume 2 by Klaus Schulze
  2. The Weird and Dynamic Guitar of Buckethead
  3. Ambient Masterworks by Steve Roach
  4. Dynamic Rock: Barry Adamson, Nash the Slash, Ozric Tentacles
  5. Electronics: Detlef Keller, Primitive Painter, Tranzit, Vapourspace
  6. The Agro Music of Sister Machine Gun
  7. Ambient Electronics: eM, Remco Helbers, Ben Swire, Terminal Sound System
  8. Space Rock: Church of Hed, Hawkwind, Scattered Planets
  9. The Legendary Electronics of Conrad Schnitzler
  10. Prog Rock: Terry Bozzio & Billy Sheehan, Steve Morse, Niacin, Sotos
  11. Electronics: Broekhuis/Keller/Schönwälder, Rob Essers, Synrise, Thought Guild
  12. Superb Techno by Banco de Gaia and Juno Reactor
  13. The Electronic Music of Magic Sound Fabric*
  14. Dense Electronics: Hypnosphere, Frank Klare, VidnaObmana
  15. The Exciting Electronic Music of Todd Fletcher
  16. Ambient: Anomalous Disturbances, Darkened Soul, James Johnson, Mr Soon
  17. Ben Neill and his Mutantrumpet
  18. Dynamic Electronics: Biomechanique, Klangwelt, Syn
  19. Bill Nelson's Noise Candy
  20. Prog Rock: Caravan, Djam Karet, Gentle Giant, Roberta Piket, Christian Vander
  21. The Agro Drones of Hal McGee
  22. Indie Rock: Jenn Vix, Pulby, Pascals
  23. Industrial Music: Lynch Mob, Snog, Zeromancer, Zombie Commandos from Hell
  24. Dazzling Electronics: Nekropolis, Smoke & Mirrors, Andy Pickford & Paul Nagle, Max van Richter
  25. The Desert Soundscapes of Scenic
  26. The Electronic Music of David Wright & Robert Fox
  27. The Electronic Harshness of Northern Machine
  28. The Rhythmic Ambience of Vir Unis
  29. The Ministry of Inside Things
  30. Electronics: Mike Andrews, Fanger & Schönwälder, Mike Metlay, Under the Dome, Different Skies Sampler
  31. Progrock: Bone, Hugh Hopper, Nucleus
  32. If, Bwana
  33. The Thrilling Retro Electronic Music of Redshift
  34. The Ambient Pop of Michael Matera*
  35. Steve Roach's Mystic Chords & Sacred Spaces
  36. Progrock: Absolute Zero, Krakatoa, The Red Masque, Robert Walter's 20th Congress
  37. Ambient: the Circular Ruins, Robert Rich, the Sub-Terra project
  38. Groove Electronics: Rudy Adrian, Can Atilla, Ron Boots, VoLt, Erik Wollo
  39. "Perimeter 2" by Vir Uns & James Johnson
  40. Radio Massacre International Explore Space Rock Roots
  41. Ambient: Alio Die & Mathias Grassow, Melusone, Principle of Silence
  42. Meat Beat Manifesto Remixed
  43. Instrumental Music: Deep Sky Divers, Miles MacMillan, Thy Veils
  44. Rock: Arca, New Model Army, Stripsearch, Von LMO
  45. Ambient Electronics: Aperus, Art of Infinity, Igneous Flame, Lopside
  46. The Durutti Column
  47. The Industrial Mastery of Ohgr
  48. The Versatile Electronic Music of Frank Gingeleit
  49. Electronics: Mandible Chatter, Northern Machine, Psychetropic
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