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  1. Node 2
  2. The Delicate Ambience of Alpha Wave Movement, Thought Guild, and Within Reason
  3. 30th Anniversary of Structures from Silence by Steve Roach
  4. Electronic Rock: Pinnacle, Twyundyllyngs
  5. Darkroom:A Dreamy Blend of Textural Guitar and Electronics
  6. More Electronic Music by Steve Roach
  7. Captain Beefheart & the Magic Band: Live at Harpos, Detroit 1980
  8. Umbra by Arc
  9. "Impressionist Symphony" by Clearlight
  10. Sultry Kissing Lounge by Markus Reuter
  11. Anomalies by Mark Dwane
  12. Raoul Bjorkenheim, Bill Laswell, and Morgan Agren
  13. The Majestic Electronic Music of Robert Fox and Code Indigo
  14. Ambient: Acheloo, Apollonius & 33 Tetragammon, Loren Nerell & Mark Seelig
  15. Classic Ambient Music by Forrest Fang
  16. Two Remastered Present Reissues with Bonus Live Material
  17. Electronics: Stefan Erbe, Dan Pound, Uwe Gronau
  18. Other World by Peter Hammill and Gary Lucas
  19. Indie Music: John Lyell, Stephen Strange, Timothy Wenzel
  20. The Shamanistic Ambience of Byron Metcalf, Rob Thomas, and Mark Seelig
  21. The Attractive Electronic Music of the Chronotope Project
  22. Toparama by Pat Mastelotto and Tobias Ralph
  23. Ambient Music: Alio Die & Sylvi Alli, Meg Bowles, Forrest Smithson
  24. Electronics: Steve Dinsdale, Darshan Ambient, Mythos
  25. Dreamy Electronics by Erik Wollo and Ian Boddy
  26. Intense Retro Electronics by Cosmic Ground
  27. Djam Karet: New Release and Connected Project (Spoke of Shadows)
  28. Cool Indie Electronics by Nomuzic and the Land of Guilt and Blarney
  29. New Releases by Richard Pinhas
  30. Outstanding Eclectic Pop Music (New and Old) by Bill Nelson
  31. The Mellow Progrock of Ramsgate Hovercraft
  32. Cockaigne by Zinkl
  33. Electronics: Alpha Wave Movement and Open Canvas
  34. Classic Unreleased Progrock by Brand X
  35. The Exotic Ambience of Nemesis
  36. Symphony of Light by Renaissance
  37. New Electronic Music by Oliver Lieb
  38. Electronics: Dieter Moebius, Dan Pound, Saul Stokes
  39. Weightless by Marconi Union
  40. Electronics: Uwe Gronau, Twofish, Twyndyllyngs
  41. Modern Classical: Andrea Carri, John Puchiele Ensemble
  42. Ian Anderson: Classic Jethro Tull and New Solo Releases
  43. The Electronic Majesty of Berlin Heritage
  44. Electronic Music by Female Composers: Iotronica, Bekki Williams
  45. A Pair of Classic Electronic Music Reissues by Peter Mergener
  46. The Return of Amon Duul II
  47. New Electronic Music by Mario Schönwälder and Friends
  48. The Origin Reversal by Dirk Series
  49. Ambience: Hanetration, Head Joint
  50. The Ancestor Circle by Steve Roach & Jorge Reyes
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