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The Delicate Ambience of Alpha Wave Movement, Thought Guild, and Within Reason

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ALPHA WAVE MOVEMENT Architecture of Silence (DDL on Harmonic Resonance)

This release from 2013 features 62 minutes of fragile ambient music.

Alpha Wave Movement is American synthesist Gregory Kyryluk.

Delicate electronics explore sonic realms hidden from conventional life.

The electronics are mainly textural, fragile pulsations that waft on airborne currents. These tenuous streams are seasoned with additional electronics that vary from equally vaporous tones to gently trembling gurgles of an ethereal nature. These interplays result in tuneage of a splendidly soothing character.

As the pieces progress, a more melodic presence creeps into the music, flavoring the soundscapes with pleasant keyboards that shimmer with a spectral glow.

Deeper yet into the album, one track whispers with guttural sounds growling in the distance, elusive evidence of regions beyond the peaceful oscillations.

While the album's last piece strays into strongly melodic territory with bouncy keyboard cycles and the tonal electronics adopt a twinkly character, all foreshadowing the listener's return to the real world; but this emergence is tinged with an agile optimism.

Obviously these ambient compositions are designed to function as background soundtracks, but they possess a definite substance that often draws them forth into the listener's more alert cognizance while retaining an unobtrusive quality. The softly harmonic structures contain perceptual hints of melodic definition. The music shows a distinct progression from minimal ambience through gentle auralscapes to the buoyancy of the finale, mirroring an immersion in a dreamstate and the audience's eventual awakening.

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ALPHA WAVE MOVEMENT Celestial Chronicles (DDL on Harmonic Resonance)

This release from 2014 features 59 minutes of comfortable spacey electronic music.

Alpha Wave Movement is American synthesist Gregory Kyryluk.

This time, a spacier mood dominates the placid electronics, as Kyryluk explores uncharted regions of the interstellar void.

While retaining a delicate temperament, the electronics are more sprightly. The textural backdrops sparkle with soft starlight, while keyboard-driven riffs unfurl and luxuriate throughout the mix. On occasion, the keys adopt a reedy timbre, conveying a winsome joviality to the melodies. At other times, the notes shimmer with an inner vibrancy, like electric ran sprinkling through the flow. In fact, overall, the electronics display a very friendly evocation.

One track exhibits lucid Middle Eastern sensibilities, from its musical sound to the addition of exotic stringed instruments.

While percussion is generally not employed, a choppy handling of keyboard chords approximates a sense of rhythm in several of the tunes. A few pieces do, though, feature a more pronounced rhythmic presence.

These compositions engage in a comfortable tour of outer space, capturing cosmic phenomenon with an easygoing flair. Here, melodies are keynote and strong, comprised of converging harmonic flows which mesh into endearing tunes with a touch of whimsy. There's a very relaxed sense of awe in this tuneage.

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ALPHA WAVE MOVEMENT Archaic Frontiers (DDL on Harmonic Resonance)

This release from 2014 features 54 minutes of environmental ambient music.

Alpha Wave Movement is American synthesist Gregory Kyryluk.

Here, the target topic is terrestrial environments, captured and defined by delicate soundscapes.

In the first track, languid textures unfurl, approximating a sky filled with fluffy clouds, soon to be tempered with arid pulsations that lend character to the sonic vista.

The second piece concentrates on ambient illuminated, evoking a gentle spray of photons through a pleasantly spry sequence of keyboard cycles dancing across a tonal foundation.

The next track is particularly new agey with crystalline chords punctuated by gentle percussives. The melody pursues an uplifting trail laced with smooth awe over one's general environment.

Track four conveys a sense of relaxed surveillance with airy tonalities playing host to breezy drones, sighing flutes, and remote rhythms.

Followed by a song that continues the serene exploration with bell-like tones and airy atmospherics.

The sixth track adds sweet chorales to the mix, flavoring the dreamy ambience with slightly more agile keyboards which inject a stronger melodic presence to the soundscape.

The final piece employs atmospheric textures and dreamy keyboards to evoke a reverent survey of the Earth from on high, viewing the land and population as a unit, bound by existence and codependence. A plodding distant beat in conjunction with infrequent chimes emphasizes that unity.

These compositions temper harmonic structures with peacefully melodic tendencies, resulting in dreamy tuneage that mesmerizes as it entrances.

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THOUGHT GUILD Electric Curios (DDL on Harmonic Resonance)

This release from 2013 features 72 minutes of delicate electronic music.

Thought Guild is Christopher Cameron and Gregory Kyrkluk.

This release is a collection of previously unreleased rarities and live tracks from 1998 to 2003.

The electronics are varied, ranging from guttural tonalities to sparkling keyboard pulsations. This variety serves to denote different character to each piece, displaying the band's versatility in the genre of electronic musicÑbut the mainstay style tends to be serene compositions designed to tenderly invigorate the listener.

A mixture of sustained atmospheric textures and keyboard riffs results in a fleshed out sound that is lush while retaining a touch of tranquillity. The interplay of denser oscillations with airy passages is engaging. Keyboards are generally employed to produce lilting layers of riffs which embellish each other with luxurious results. Again, a diversity of sounds are generated by the keys, ranging from a soft cadence to richer astral tones. Twinkling highlights provide crystalline enhancement to the flow.

One long track (at 18 minutes in length) affords the harmonic streams to accrete into an expansive vista that builds melodic definition of a cosmic nature. Flutish enhancements create an underlying human touch to this spacey piece as it slowly builds puissance into an understated drama of delicate vitality.

While conventional percussives are not utilized, rhythms are achieved through the cyclic use of non-impact electronics, providing a subtle tempo to certain tracks.

These compositions appeal to the type of listener who seeks easygoing electronic music crafted to facilitate introspection while also serving as a pleasant soundtrack for activities. A delightful selection of melodies is offered, from dreamy pieces to lightly gripping excursions into sonic drama.

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WITHIN REASON Farshadow (DDL on Harmonic Resonance)

This 2014 release features 64 minutes of dreamy electronic music.

Within Reason is Gregory Kyrkluk.

Gentle texturals are seasoned by delicate keyboards and some understated rhythmics, achieving tuneage of a particularly calming nature.

Track one employs electronic texturals to establish a dreamy foundation that is tempered by rhythms that build from a heartbeat to a sultry tempo. Addition electronics waft through the mix, lending melodic substance to the harmonic tapestry.

The next piece features placid drones fronted by temperate beats, while delicate electronics delineate a gossamer melody with twinkling properties hidden in the notes.

The third track sparkles with sprightly keyboard notes decorating a shimmering textural field. While sampled scientific reports mutter in the background, the electronics get chuggy and those sparkling keys turn even more sparkly as they mark out a cheery tune.

Track four employs some chiming bell tones mixed in with sprightly keyboard strokes, all crafted to establish passage through a textural fog. The tune carries the listener through this fog, landward bound, and the journey is quite pleasant. Deeper tones approximate the boat's sway through imaginary waters.

The temperament is a bit moodier in the fifth piece. The tones are darker, but not ominous. The keys are a bit more sedate, although an effect in the background musters an agitating presence, chittering like a mechanical insect.

While the last track displays a certain edginess albeit steeped in a sedate mode. There's a subtle grind to the background drone, while the keys pursue a melody of a choppy character. The auxiliary electronics possess a spiny quality too, resulting in the tune exhibiting a nervous structure.

All told, a soothing excursion with just the right degree of agitation going on to boost it out of the ambient genre.

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