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Anomalies by Mark Dwane

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MARK DWANE Anomalies (limited edition CD on Mark Dwane Music)

This release from 2014 features 48 minutes of majestic electronic music.

Eloquent electronics, dramatic percussion, and synth guitar combine to generate majestic space music.

While the electronics flourish in this music, the gist of the sounds actually stem from synth guitar, producing riffs that bear little resemblance to conventional guitar. Dwane warps sound into lavish flows of stately character, rich in resonance and brimming with inspired melodies. Atmospheric textures abound, but these are heavily layered with more demonstrative pulsations.

There are sufficient instances in which the guitar expresses itself in more traditional modes: strumming and plucking chords to instill a dreamy romanticism to certain songs. Often the strings' twang meshes beautifully with the snappy electronic flow. While on other occasions, the guitar sears with dazzling pyrotechnics.

Moody tonalities establish sedate backdrops for more robust electronics. Dense clouds of pulsating puissance are often tempered with grand piano notes which enhance the music's overall grandeur.

A degree of e-perc is employed in some tunes, manifesting in suitable restraint so as to provide propulsion without overwhelming the compositions.

This music exudes a particularly regal flair while capturing the awe-inspiring attraction of outer space. But these tunes do more than explore interstellar realms, they provide a human connection with the void, evoking mankind's fascination with cosmic anomalies. But, casting aside all these cerebral connections, the tuneage is downright superb.

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