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The Attractive Electronic Music of the Chronotope Project

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CHRONOTOPE PROJECT Event Horizon (CD on Relaxed Machinery)

This release from 2013 features 59 minutes of attractive electronic music.

The Chronotope Project is Jeffrey Ericson Allen.

Delicate electronics with a gentle orchestral edge produce endearing tuneage.

A soothing temperament typifies the electronics here. Luxurious texturals unfurl to form vaporous layers that serve as foundations for equally tender electronic embellishments. Many of the electronics display a shimmering resonance.

Keyboards are used to trigger much of the electronics. Cycles are rarely utilized, though; Allen relies more on chords that compliment each other as they evolve through application. One track uses gentle but strong piano.

Some percussion is present in a few songs, but the beats are subdued and deeply immersed in the mix. These rhythms flavor the melodies more so than impelling the tunes.

While no actual orchestra is present, this music exhibits a tenuous orchestra flair. Hints of strings, cellos, and woodwinds lurk within the mix. There are even some synthesized chorales.

These compositions are soft yet moving. Their oomph is of a restrained character, captivating while remaining smooth. The melodies themselves are quite appealing, enticing with their fluid delivery and mesmerizing in their inventive presentation. There is a nice balance of moody compositions with mildly bouncy tunes. The keynote is engaging music of an attractive sort.

A totally worthwhile album.

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CHRONOTOPE PROJECT Dharma Rain (DDL on Udana Music)

This release from 2014 features 39 minutes of gentle electronic music.

The Chronotope Project is Jeffrey Ericson Allen.

Three electronic pieces generate a lavish and pacific electronic excursion.

Track one begins with a lively rhythm (with pleasant beats of a non-impact nature) swimming amid a pool of glistening electronics. A textural fog hosts a sighing pulsation that undulates with sedate measure while additional threads embellish its flow. The melody is crisp and engaging. Gently pitched tones provide tasty developments in tandem with that fluid rhythm.

The next piece explores a dreamier realm with fragile tonalities seasoned by delicate oscillations. Eventually, twinkling electronics emerge from this shimmering flow, establishing a tender melody that gradually musters a minimal degree of bounce. These gently spry notes mesh with the swaying ambient backdrop, generating a hypnotic aural medium.

Clocking in at 18 minutes, the last song stands as an epic ambient composition. Here, denser clouds of tones churn in the distance while sparkling electronics usher in some electronic embellishments that flesh out the music without disrupting the sedate mood. The pace maintains a calm demeanor throughout while retaining a lucid clarity.

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