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Cockaigne by Zinkl

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ZINKL Cockaigne (CD on Prudence Records)

This release from 2014 features 53 minutes of joyful electronic music.

Zinkl is multi-instrumentalist Anton Zinkl. He is joined by Linda (on voice).

Verastile electronics and bouncy percussion craft a fine dose of tasty tuneage.

A plethora of electronics are employed here, from bass tones to frolicsome pulsations to reedy riffs to buoyant chords. Each convey a trace of joviality, generating congenial tuneage.

Keyboards trigger a high percentage of the electronics, generating enticing threads throughout the secondary level complexities. Nimble-fingered riffs unfurl to lure you into a realm of shimmering effects and dreamy pastiches.

A third level of intricacy is created by the percussion. Its vital (and often quirky) presence provides a vital degree of locomotion with beats that are not afraid to sound xylophonic.

These compositions are full of fun. A calculated mirth is evoked by these spry tunes. Their constant liveliness and cheery attitudes make these songs a delight. Aspects of classical and Romany enter into Zinkl's unique style, and in one song, the former conquers its way to a fanciful gem.

This album is like stumbling into the happy side of a Ray Bradbury carnival...full of delightful marvels.

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