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Electronics: Dieter Moebius, Dan Pound, Saul Stokes

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DIETER MOEBIUS Nidemonex (12-inch vinyl EP on More Than Human Records)

This release from 2014 offers 30 minutes of abstract electronic music.

Dieter Moebius is a member of the legendary electronic band Cluster.

A diversity of non-keyboard electronics tailor some tunes engendered by experimental sentiments.

Track one explores a realm of softly chittering diodes immersed in a twinkling textural pool. Periodic pulsations emerge to punctuate the flow, lending depth to the even tide. Softly pittering percussives (of a synthetic nature) luxuriate amid the harmonic composition, tempered by clockwork-like chime effects. A delicately passive mood is generated by this tune.

The next piece features remotely clanking mechanics accompanied by random-seeming effects that circle in to establish a quirky pastiche in tandem with a breathing pulsation backdrop. As things progress, the sounds muster a modicum of strength as they prance about.

The third track offers a collection of clattering sounds attended by pulsating oscillations and bleeps. An assortment of eerie noises flavor the mix, appearing like insects crawling in and out of a thicket. More piercing tones usher in a conclusion marked by an escalation of the pulsating oscillation, ultimately swallowed by an upswelling of the whispery clanking.

While generally atonal, these harmonic pieces represent a rare solo outing for this electronic maestro.

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DAN POUND: Life Giving (CD on PoundSounds)

This release from 2014 offers 73 minutes of stately electronic music.

Delicate electronics craft light-hearted excursions into optimistic territory.

The electronics are fragile; even when expressing sharper tones, the resonance conveys a tender quality. Dreamy background textures support the lead riffs, whose notes are crisp and often playful. Multiple layers afford these melodies a sincere depth with several riffs contributing to the overall melodies. While still ethereal, the result has an elusive puissance.

While keyboards are employed, many of the sounds are triggered by dials and switches, manifesting as sparkling embellishments amid the sonic flow.

No percussion is necessary for most of this tuneage, but a few tracks do possess percussion (albeit of a soothing type, but don't be misled, the rhythms are exceptionally hypnotic).

The compositions are designed to impart a sense of positivism, uplifting the listener from the mundane world and transporting their spirit to a realm of lusciously undulating pulsations. Ah, but not all these songs are gentle, some bristle with a carefully restrained intensity, delivering gritty growls and pulsating thumps. But the emphasis of most of the tunes is a holistic healing property.

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SAUL STOKES: LFOUFO (DDL on Saul Stokes Music)

This release from 2014 features 84 minutes of spry electronic music.

Lively tuneage utilizing electronics and rhythms.

The electronics are crisp and lilting, delineating melodies of charming character. While keyboards trigger the majority of things, textural layers sneak in and out of the music, generating a tenuous undercurrent of vapor. And there's a plethora of designer electronic sounds sneaking in, flavoring the music with their unique influence.

The keyboards are quite agile, describing riffs that often loop in tandem with riffs that embellish the ongoing cycles. There are always several riffs going on, intertwining with delightful result.

Rhythms play a vital role here. Snappy e-perc contributes luscious tempos that lend oomph to the flow.

These compositions are lush expressions of pleasant melodies steeped in crystalline resonance. The tunes possess a certain flair that is undeniably entrancing. One minute the velocity is swift, belting out chords with relentless fervor, combining them into pulsating tunes that throb with vitality...the next instant things have gone mellow with sweet tones augmented by deeper, almost ominous tones added for dramatic effect. But the overall temperament of this music is jovial, frolicsome, designed to entertain and mesmerize. It's this bouncy quality that gives the music its endearing humanity.

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