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Electronics: Stefan Erbe, Dan Pound, Uwe Gronau

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STEFAN ERBE Method (DDL on Erbe Music)

This release from 2013 features 58 minutes of bouncy electronic music.

Pleasant electronics generate tuneage with bouncy touch.

The electronics are crisp and sparkling, full of an oomph that seasons itself with a pacific temperament. Texturals are scarce; the electronics are generally keyboard oriented, delivering riffs that are rich with melody. These riffs are then enhanced by additional layers that conspire to flesh out the flow into a shimmering beauty.

The melodies are designed to make maximum use of a simplistic complexity in which a variety of threads combine to produce flows of an engaging nature. Each tune stays focussed on its inherent melody, though, rarely straying far from the central theme.

A degree of e-perc is employed to muster locomotion in these songs, but while the rhythms possess velocity, they hardly overwhelm the music, flavoring rather than dominating things. Often the beats are achieved through the cyclic application of non-impact electronics.

These compositions blend contemporary electronics with a touch of techno styling to achieve a dose of tuneage that is simultaneously soothing and peppy. Erbe has a crafty way of pulling off this contrasting fusion, creating animated melodies that retain a gentle edge. The songs themselves are charming and fragile, the type of music that churns just beneath the surface and exudes an agility that establishes a cheery mood.

Also of interest: "Legacies," a collection of tracks from Erbe's 20 year long career. Gain exposure to this man's uptempo history on this worthwhile release.

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DAN POUND Eros Thanatos(CD on PoundSounds)

This release from 2014 offers 69 minutes of substantial electronic ambient music.

Airy electronics conjure vistas of energized relaxation.

An assortment of atmospheric texturals establish pleasant backdrops for the other electronics. The latter manifest as a series of soft pulsations that temper the foundational flows, enhancing their pacific influence with tender chords and keyboards that glisten with charm. These softly sighing tones establish a luscious soundscape that has just enough depth to battle any tempting lethargy.

While much of this music consists of tonal flows, dreamy keyboards lend melody to these harmonic undercurrents. Sedate riffs are set up and run as cycles that blend nicely with the ambient background. These riffs pursue subtle changes that are disguised by their gradual evolution.

Some percussion is present in a few tracks, but the tempos are easygoing and designed not to intrude on the music's trancey influence.

These compositions may be designed to lull the listener, but they also possess enough substance to serve as sonic companions for a lazy afternoon or even doing paperwork or reading or just sitting and thinking. In fact, this tuneage is perfect for contemplation since the auralscapes are gentle enough that they will not interfere with meditation, but lush enough to slyly influence your empty state of mind, coaxing you to constructive mental pathways.

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UWE GRONAU Flight 14(CD on Time Rider Music)

This release from 2013 features 69 minutes of engaging electronic music.

Gronau plays electronics, keyboards, and drum programming. Joining him on one track is Matthias Keidel (on saxophone).

Keyboards dominate this music, which varies from moody pieces to dynamic outings.

The keyboards are quite versatile, ranging from grand piano to inventively seasoned electronics. Those auxiliary electronics can be softly grinding or soaring, aerial excursion into realms filled with fluffy clouds. Overall, the keyboards inject a sense of joy to a serious based mood, resulting in melodies that tingle and invigorate the heart.

Percussion plays a role in some of the tunes. Synthetically generated, the rhythms are often relaxed and studious, contributing languid tempos that accompany rather than lead the music. But there are occasion in which the rhythms step up to a more spry attitude.

One piece features emotional saxophone, delving into a nocturnal journey through the psyche.

One song sports nimble lyrics, while another featured vocodered voices.

These compositions are all short (ranging from 2 to 5 minutes long), which forces the tunes to get right to their points and deliver concentrated melodies. The temperament of the songs varies from moody to jovial, but each carries a sense of reverent celebration...and there are a few instances of more overt uptempo tuneage.

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