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  1. The 40th Anniversary Edition of Jethro Tull's Aqualung
  2. Method Music by Lawrence Ball
  3. Ian Boddy, alone and with Erik Wollo
  4. Electronics: Mazmoneth, Polaris/Krzysztof Horn, Dan Pound
  5. Fresh Electronics by Cyberchump
  6. Steve Roach: Innovative Ambience
  7. Cooperation by Cyber Zen Sound Engine
  8. The Reissue of Mythos' Quasar Album
  9. Electronics: Caul, Tim Gilbert, Robert Schroeder
  10. Animism by Forrest Fang
  11. Ambient Downloads by Praguedren
  12. Radium 88: Blending Modern Electronics with Chamber Music
  13. Electronics: Aetopus, Centrozoon, Erik Seifert
  14. The Celestial Ambience of Acheloo
  15. Steve Roach: More Innovative Ambience
  16. Ambient: Alio Die, John Lyell, Byron Metcalf, Northern Valentine
  17. Progrock: Allan Holdsworth and Chad Wackerman
  18. Ambient: Among Myselves, Loren Nerell, Bruno Sanfiilippo
  19. Classic Electronic Music by Mario Schönwälder & Friends
  20. Red by Broekhuis, Keller and Schönwälder
  21. The Second Decade of Manikin Records
  22. Return by 'Ramp
  23. Collaborative Ambience: Apollonius/33 Tetragammon, Seren Ffordd/Oophoi, Shane Morris/Mystified
  24. David Wright: Majestic Electronic Music
  25. Indie Music: Asmodelle, Chistopher Lapina, Martin Webb
  26. The Space-Age Pop Music of Bill Nelson
  27. The Many Prog Personas of Tony Arnold
  28. Electronics: Ian Boddy, Bas Broekhuis, Picture Palace Music
  29. Airborne by Erik Wollo
  30. Electronics: Berlin Heritage, Craig Padilla, Dan Pound
  31. Ligro: an Indonesian Power Trio
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