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Ligro: an Indonesian Power Trio

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Imagine a band capable of fusing aspects of Jimi Hendrix, Robert Fripp, Buckethead, vintage Terje Rypdal and classic John McLaughlin. Picture such a band erupting from Indonesia and blessing the entire globe with their original stylings. You have Ligro, a power trio destined for international greatness.

And Dictionary 2 is their debut album.

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LIGRO: Dictionary 2 (CD on Moonjune Records)

This CD from 2012 offers 73 minutes of superb jazz-rock.

Ligro is: Agam Hamzah (on guitar), Adi Darmawan (on bass, and piano on one track), and Gusti Hendi (on drums and percussion).

This Indonesian power trio excel at high energy jazz-rock.

The guitar is remarkably agile, belting out fiery chords capable of scorching concrete. The riffs cascade with feverish speed, achieving a dazzling presence, not unlike a stellar nova that maintains its fierce vehemence long past the point that it should have expended itself. And when the pace steps down to a cerebral level, the guitar notes muster a glorious reverberation.

The bass is nimble-fingered as it delivers rumbling undercurrents that refuse to remain submerged in the mix. Surfacing like a dragon erupting from the earth, the basslines undulate with incandescent fury. The notes smolder with a celestial authority; penetrating more than the ears, they rattle the very bonds that hold matter together.

The percussion is astoundingly powerful and complex. Riveting rhythms are generated with seemingly effortless panache. Dynamic tempos pound out, each beat a singular spark of beauty, together forming a thunderous ambrosia. The rhythms are incredible bouncy, catchy, wholly infectious. Even when the music enters a sedate period, the percussion maintains an spry animation.

While the majority of these songs display a frenetic presence, some tracks offer a smoother pace, but even these radiate a wondrous vitality with novel diversions and cooking funk.

These compositions fuse aspects of jazz and rock into an amazing gestalt of cosmic proportions. The tunes are energized and forceful, yet convey a distinct humanity drenched with exuberant emotion. This combination of raunchy and sophistication is a pure delight to behold. And the music itself?--ah, the melodies are truly remarkable; bewitching and magnificent and thoroughly satisfying.

Severely recommended, even if your interest in jazz-rock is mild. This stuff will convert you.

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