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Fresh Electronics by Cyberchump

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Every once in a while a relatively unknown band emerges from the indie scene whose music deserves wide-range exposure. Cyberchump is one such duo, so pay attentionÉ>/p> decorative rule

CYBERCHUMP: Their Moment of Perfect Happiness (double CD on Eternal Combustion)

This release from 2011 features 98 minutes of engaging electronic music.

Cyberchump is: Jim Skeel (on processed electric and Ebow guitars. synthesizers, processed kalimba and bass, laptop, field recordings, loops and other manipulations), and Mark G.E. (on 5-string fretless bass, long guitar, synthesizer, weird sound generator, multiple configured effects, things that shouldn't be plugged into one another, laptop, loops and voice). Additional voices on one track are provided by: Theresa Ala Mode and Alexander M.E.

Contemporary electronics is given a multi-genre bump, resulting in tuneage of a highly intriguing nature.

The electronics are versatile and slick, blending atmospheric texturals with lead synthesizers in a fashion that produces a tight flow of inventive music. Haunting auralscapes provide mysterious clouds which roil and seethe in the background, while additional electronics generate lavish riffs of particularly stimulating attraction.

Keyboards initiate a majority of the electronics, spawning a flurry of ambrosial riffs that unfurl with stately grace--only to be warped by other instruments into passages that defy classification.

Guitars provide a tasteful twang that fuses space attributes with an assortment of alternate styles, ranging from country to jazz to rock to experimental. These diverse approaches achieve a unique presence that defies expectations and burrows into the listener's psyche with rewarding results.

Percussion is featured and contributes locomotion of an engaging variety. The rhythms alternate from raspy jazz riffs to peppy techno tempos to sparse garage beats.

Basslines rumble throughout, establishing more than just foundational support. At times the bass stands in as a lead instrument with dazzling consequence.

These compositions are too varied to be covered by a single description. While contemporary electronics is the main motif, the songs accumulate diverse influence like a rogue magnet tumbling through a machinist shop, picking up manifold mediums and applying them with inventive abandon. Cyberchump succeed in molding everything into a glorious union that sparkles with infectious charisma. The tunes are snappy (when they're supposed to be) and mesmerizing (when the intention is more sober), but either way the songs maintain a steadfast degree of handsome zest.

While the tracks on the first disc are imbued with an energetic temperament, the music on disc 2 is moodier, a darker slice of ambience. Haunting tones are accompanied by spooky percussives, lending a portentous to the tuneage.

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