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Cooperation by Cyber Zen Sound Engine

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CYBER ZEN SOUND ENGINE: Cooperation (CD on Cyber Zen Sound Engine)

This CD from 2011 features 66 minutes of soothing electronic music.

Cyber Zen Sound Engine is: Daniel (GraceNoteX) Thompson (on keyboards, synthesizers, programming, percussion and lap steel guitar), Smith6079 (on "walk-on" guitars), and Tom (EnoWeb) Boon (on outmoded technologies, charlatanry, and perspective).

Relaxed guitars act jointly with soothing electronics to produce pleasant tuneage.

The electronics are temperate, crafted to induce calming states of mind. Texturals waft with endearing consistency, establishing vaporous foundations for auxiliary instrumentation to elucidate the melodies. Additional electronics provide tender embellishment, seasoning the music into a substantial presence (while never straying from the ambient model).

A certain amount of the auxiliary electronics are triggered by keyboard, the most prominent being piano, whose chords invoke a celestial tenderness which serves to ground the otherwise lighter-than-air medium produced by the music.

The guitars present themselves in a variety of modes, from acoustic to lap pedal steel, but each offering is soft and languid. These strings generate seductive chords of a gentle nature, each note transformed into an elongated sonic caress that adds sultry depth to the overall flow.

Some percussion is utilized, usually moderate in timbre and restricted to fragile rhythms which can be considered enhancement more than propulsion. In some instances the beats adopt a more prominent role, often lending a majestic grandeur, increasing the scope of these songs' rapture.

While definitely melodic, these compositions are ambient tunes intended to lull the listener into introspective activity. The courtly interplay between the electronics and the guitars results in a blissful excursion into dreamy realms fertile with engaging tuneage.

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