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Ambient Downloads by Praguedren

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Praguedren, an East Prague based duo (Tomas Effliger and Sector Seventeen) have built a strong reputation for their predilection of seasoning ambient music with various other stylings, resulting in highly engaging tuneage.

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PRAGUEDREN: Slower Motions (DDL EP on Dank Disk)

This EP from 2012 features 14 minutes of minimal ambient music.

With this release, Praguedren pursue a purer form of ambience with chilly tuneage comprised of breathing tonalities.

The first song is somber, almost ominous, with its tense texturals. Gritty drones swell and sigh, establishing a millieu of roiling vapors that seethe without achieving any climax.

In the second piece, the atmospherics adopt a crisper presence as the tones ebb and flow with languid determination. While generally sparse in definition, these tones possess a shimmery character that bestows a refreshing quality to the tune.

The last tune is equally soothing. Here, the tones are flavored with a pensive timbre designed to lower the temperature with their fluid presence. One almost has the feeling that slowed-down violins lurk within the elongated drones.

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PRAGUEDREN: Into Another Place (DDL EP on Dank Disk)

This EP from 2012 features 12 minutes of engaging electronic music.

With this pair of tunes, Praguedren displays a peppier side of their music, although the emphasis is still on generating a mesmerizing trance.

The first piece injects solitary beats to the swaying textures. These impacts possess a momentous quality, yet this grandeur is suppressed by their infrequent instance. A chugging keyboard riff winds through the mix, establishing a tastily melodic presence to the harmonic flow. Toward the end, a certain edginess is prevalent as growling diodes burrow through the mix.

The second piece employs a mounting textural backdrop that rises and recedes, tempered by additional tones which give the song a delicate drama. Auxiliary effects hide in the flow, their presence lending a sense of the stream encountering foreign elements as the overall mood expands.

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