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Return by 'Ramp

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'RAMP: Return (CD on Doombient Music)

This release from 2012 features 74 minutes of dark electronic music.

['Ramp] is Stephen Parsick. All instruments were played, programmed, and tweaked in realtime.

Ponderous texturals billow with ominous puissance, building to a dark pinnacle that becomes laced with celestial airs. Soon, throbbing pulsations rise to conquer the flow. These pulsations coalesce into distinct chords, deeply bass and monstrous in their authority. Spry chords slide into play to accompany the rumbling notes, gradually pursuing nimble configurations which combine melodic definition with mounting drama. The music exhibits a demonstrative power, commanding and compelling, as things achieve a frenetic velocity. Weirding pulsations enter the mix, vibrantly heavy-handed with the strength of gigantic buzzing collisions. Instead of each of these progressions replacing each other, they all coexist, converging into an enormous stream of urgent electronics. When they finally abate, receding into the distance, the heavenly tones remain to usher the listener into the musicŐs next phase.

Grinding tones mark the following passage, seasoned with flickering bloops akin to a satellite traveling through space. Moody keyboards swell to overwhelm the music, swamping everything with their resonance until they occlude the sky with their density.

After another lulling stretch, the music rises again with portentous sentiment. Atmospheric gusts waft with mounting enthusiasm, bolstering more strident electronics into play. Vibrating keyboard notes sway into prominence, sparkling with incandescent luster amid an eerie realm of astral textures. Bass tones erupt, contributing insistent fever to the flow, driving the music into a frenzied passage of dramatic posture. Sweeter keyboards lurk within the mix, flavoring the intense vortex with their attractive agility. A passage of glorious determination is achieved as these elements fuse into a splendid clamor. The listenerŐs pulse rate is forced to mirror the musicŐs frantic pace.

This time, the bridge is less ambient. The soundscape skitters across the sky, shimmering with an unearthly luminosity. Gradually, sprightly electronics emerge, pinging like hissy impacts, before they are overwhelmed by rising bass notes of cosmic proportion. These deafening chords swiftly dominate, carrying everything into a passage of urgently snarling keyboard riffs. The interplay of these elements reaches an imperious grandeur, plunging the listener into a zone of furious ecstasy. There is no escape, and the music sweeps everything to stratospheric severity, drenched with euphoric zeal.

The finale is decidedly softer than the previous tuneage, but even it possesses an unbridled power, a gripping majesty, leaving the listener exhausted yet satisfied beyond their wildest dreams.

An absolutely stunning excursion into dark electronic music rich with power and breathtaking moments of memorable tuneage.

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