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Lemonchill: Dreamy Electronics

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Lemonchill is the musical persona of Israeli musician Idan Or.

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LEMONCHILL: Journey through an Electric Garden (CD on Cyberset Music)

This release from 2009 offers 49 minutes of chill-out electronic music.

Extremely dreamy tuneage utilizing charming texturals and delicate electronics seasoned by sinuous rhythmics.

While generally soft, Lemonchill's sound palette is quite versatile. Swooshing tonalities provide a shimmering backdrop for slithering keyboard riffs and blooping beats. Engaging effects chitter amid the mix, generating a sense of gentle activity as the central themes unfurl and establish themselves.

The electronics display a meticulous character, blending sweetly crystalline notes with atmospheric textures. Crisp chords are supported by furry bass tones, resulting in a tasty balance throughout the tunes.

While the percussives are feasibly quite synthetic, the beats possess a natural flair that defies any cybernetic milieu. Faux bongos produce silky tempos that nicely contrast with the hissy understated e-perc. The rhythms are intricate but not in an aggressive manner, delivering their complexities with sultry finesse.

In a few instances, voices are craftily immersed in the mix, providing undercurrents of comment that demurely punctuate the gently surging riffs.

The compositions are bewitching fusions of languid ambience tempered by subdued techno rhythms, resulting in chill-out tunes of a lovely luster. Exhibiting a sparkling attraction, the melodies are serpentine and mesmerizing, yet full of fresh diversions so that things never fall into repetitive patterns.

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LEMONCHILL: Sleeping with Giants (CD on Ricochet Dream)

This release from 2010 offers 54 minutes of hypnotic electronic music.

This release is a collection of Lemonchill tracks remixed by other musicians (among them: Zero Cult, Side Liner, Mindwave, Terra Nine, Chronos, Limbo, Hol Baumann, and Steve Baltes). Several of the pieces are from Lemonchill's Journey through an Electric Garden CD, so many of the basic melodies and sounds are similar to descriptions offered in the above review.

These tunes display a markedly dreamy gentility, utilizing crystalline electronics whose crisp sounds are adroitly structured to induce a hypnotic mood seasoned by reasonably sinuous rhythms. The chill factor runs high here and is equaled by an overall mesmerization of seductive proportion.

The electronics are delicate and fanciful. Sublime chords shimmer with pacific luster, while bass infrastructures remain suitably immersed, rendering their rumble into more of a stately presence.

The rhythmics provide alluring oomph to the tunes. While a degree of complexity is involved, the beats do not overwhelm the tunes, providing gentle propulsion that is often quite sultry.

The remixers inject subtle embellishments, boosting certain edges while contributing their own smooth touches to what are already remarkably engaging compositions. Beats resound with a crisper flavor. Bass tones are emphasized just enough to give them a twinkling buzz. Secondary riffs are enhanced in inventive ways, attributing the tunes with a softly busy nature that remains tastefully unburdensome.

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LEMONCHILL: X (DDL EP on Cyberset)

This release from 2010 offers 23 minutes of remixed electronic music.

This time, a selection of remixes is offered of Lemonchill's slippery tuneage (already remarkably attractive to begin with). The songs are given slightly more dance club sensibilities with vocals and addition tempos.

The first track ("Dragonfly," a popular Lemonchill tune) exhibits a dreamy pastoral flair with hazy vocal crooning (provided by Hideyo Blackmoon), while additional tempos enhance the smoothly serpentine flow.

The second piece features more distinct vocals by Aviatrix which bestow an agile feminine character to the music. The melody streams like a gentle air current, basking everything with an alluring gentility.

The next track (an Astropilot remix) combines intricate-yet-relaxed cloppy rhythmic patterns in conjunction with swaying atmospheric tones to achieve a highly mesmerizing euphoria that is then seasoned by auxiliary melodic touches.

The last piece (a Mindwave remix) offers a softer take on track one, with extremely fragile tonalities and winsome effects that endow the now-lyrical vocals with a reverent quality.

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