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Arctic Electronic Music by Triple S

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TRIPLE S: Poles (CD on Pleasure Sound)

This release from 2011 offers 72 minutes of thrilling electronic music.

Triple S is: Erik Seifert, Joseph Steinbuchel and Max Schiefele.

Utilizing electronics, guitars, and percussion, this music embarks on a dramatic expedition into the frigid arctic territories.

Breezey texturals provide the music with chilly foundations. A bevy of more substantial electronics inject drama and help build tension throughout the songs. Keyboards initiate tender melodies that bristle with enticing charisma.

The guitar boosts that underlying mood of adventure to a dazzling state with snarling riffs and undulating passages guaranteed to grip the soul. A sense of desolate isolation is pointedly combated by the guitar's emotional resonance.

The percussion contributes suitable propulsion to the melodies, flavoring the flow with a pensive bounce. At other times, heavy-handed tempos deliver a vibrantly dramatic presence to the music.

These compositions do an excellent job of transporting the listener to the frozen wastelands, but they also instill a daring sense of emotion to the sonic exploits. One not only vividly experiences the arctic chill, but each track is infused with a powerful courageous disposition. The audience joins the musicians as they plunge into icy terrain, following the footsteps of historic explorers. A thread of anxious menace lurks within these tunes, but it is superbly tempered by the rush of victory over completing perilous escapades. Shorn of all these psychological aspects, though, the music is gripping and bewitching, with a perfect blend of dynamics and moodiness.

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