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Remote Transmissions by t2k

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T2K: Remote Transmissions (CD on Barking Monkey Records)

This release from 2011 offers 72 minutes of attack rock music.

t2k is: Kevin Gerety (on 8 string fretless Warr guitar and fretless bass), Kevin St. Clair (on Roland V-drums), and Timmy C. Pitschka (on guitars and piano).

A bevy of guitars are supported by bass and drums in the pursuance of attack mode tuneage.

There are a lot of guitars, and they all have teeth, long sharp pointy teeth, as they belt out extreme sustains and searing chords and walls of barbed noise. Melodies are present, couched in vicious delivery and savage intentions. Nimble fingers coax gritty riffs from the instruments with a severe passion. There are instances where the guitars produce textural airs of a haunting character, establishing a dreamy interlude--before the music launches into another barrage of vibrating fangs.

In the album's opening track, the percussion provides punctuation more than propulsion. The lead rhythms are often quirky and erratic, while subdermal beats adhere to tempos. For the rest of the songs the rhythms are more conventional, providing bouncy locomotion with crisp beats of the teeth jarring variety.

Buried in this morass, the bass generates a subterranean rumble that serves to lend a smooth flow to the guitar assault.

The majority of these compositions are definitely aggressive, but not in any hyperactive manner. The hostility smolders, like molten lava creeping down a hill, scorching riffs into the listener's cerebellum. The tunes are engaging as the band explores a variety of styles, from attack to celestial to wistfully endearing. This versatility is excellently choreographed to mete out an evolution rather than jumping haphazardly all over the place. No matter what style, though, the music is gutsy and thoroughly satisfying.

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