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Indie Electronics: Electric Skychurch, Single Cell Orchestra, Welder

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ELECTRIC SKYCHURCH: Sonic Diary Singles (CD on Cyberset)

This release from 2006 features 65 minutes of bouncy electronic music.

Electric Skychurch is James Lumb.

These electronics are lighthearted and airy. A versatile array of appealing sounds are employed to produce bouncy tunes that combine techno and rave sensibilities with contemporary EM. Sprightly notes cavort with jubilant disposition. A distinct joviality is packed into each track. Even the softly pensive songs exhibit a subliminal cheeriness.

While percussion fleshes out two of the buoyant melodies, most of the pieces rely on surging electronic sounds to approximate tempos.

Several of the tracks are comprised of basic riffs with minimal embellishment. The result is surprisingly fruitful. The pieces generate tunes that deliver more than the sum of their parts, a mark of cunningly skillful composition.

This CD contains the unmixed recordings of Lumb's Sonic Diary, including a bonus track and three single versions of tracks.

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SINGLE CELL ORCHESTRA: Celldom, Volume 1: OPT (CD on Cyberset)

This release from 2006 features 68 minutes of illbience with a dreamy touch.

Single Cell Orchestra is Miguel Fierro.

Mixing break beats with atmospheric moods, this music stretches the gamut from ambient to drum'n'bass, delivering snappy tuneage of a delightful nature. The electronics utilize a softness that twinkles with fuzzy charm, whether the track is flowing with a languid resolve or hopping with a funky demeanor.

Fierro's style of blending dreamy sounds with gritty tempos evokes an understated illbient temperament, fusing glitchy rhythms with heavenly melodies. At other times, the electronic foundations vibrate with vigor, delivering energized sonic tapestries that still retain an angelic quality.

The e-perc bristles with synthetic needles, establishing an edgy locomotion tempered by lazily streaming soundscapes. Some tracks combine more conventional percussion with the cybernetic beats, resulting in lush rhythms designed for dancefloor expansion.

The compositions are endearing and congenial, but this easy-going nature is then infused with gentle pep by the buzzing tempos.

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WELDER: Vines & Stream (CD on Cyberset)

This release from 2006 features 70 minutes of friendly electronic music.

Welder is Brendan Angelides.

Gurgling textures swim in a sea of glistening electronics stirred by durable percussion and vocal samples. A bevy of traditional instruments contribute to the mix, rendering the songs with an accessibility devoid from most techno music. Strummed guitars and slithery zithers conspire with inventive synthesizers to generate lavish excursions into a charming terrain of effervescent tuneage.

The rhythms change depending on the tone of the pieces, flickering from cafe tempos to more urgent dancefloor beats. There's a relaxed air to the rhythms that is not afraid to diverge off into comfortable breaks, guiding the melodies through a labyrinth of pleasant distractions. Even the more agitated pieces possess a soothing quality.

Regardless whether the tune is electro funk or world beat fusion, these compositions share a sociable character that conveys a pastoral flair to an urban milieu. A lulling sensibility is expertly produced by these convivial tunes.

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