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Powerful Electronics by David Wright

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A longtime British electronic composer, David Wright creates music of lavish scale and great power. His work frequently strives to combine the dreaminess of contemporary EM with more adventurous techno sensibilities.

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DAVID WRIGHT: The Tenth Planet (CD on AD Music)

This release from 2006 features 79 minutes of cosmic electronic music recorded live at a pair of concerts at the Bochum Planetarium in Germany on April 29, 2006 and the National Space Centre in England on May 27, 2006.

Joining Wright for these performances is David Massey who contributed additional sequencing on two tracks.

Percussives play a vital role in this music, providing dynamic locomotion for Wright's sinuous electronics. The rhythms pound away in the foreground with complexity and vibrancy, surging with vitality and injecting a strong dancefloor sensibility into the tuneage.

The electronics are forceful, delivering vigorous riffs are possessed of powerful upward mobility. Fluid keyboards generate heavenly tones that stream with energetic determination through textural layers of astral substance. The audience is transported instantly to far-flung vistas of alien space, then driven through the skies of foreign worlds that are encased in stratum of frozen rock. Sparkling vacuum is evoked with ease, providing a lens through which majestic geological formations stand untouched by time or mankind. These ancient panoramas are captured in dense and often moody soundscapes which glisten with impressive sonic embellishments. Stately mesas and expansive tundras unfurl in tandem with gripping harmonics. Delicate keys paint endearing impressions of these awesome landscapes.

The CD begins with passionate dynamics, then the tone flows into more sedate, awe-inspiring passages before reentering lively terrain. This ebb and upsurging continues, mesmerizing and then lifting the listener's state of mind on this excursion to outer space. The second set features more restraint, stepping the tempos down to less frantic velocity, but infusing just as much grandeur into the elevated pinnacles of divine proportion.

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CODE INDIGO: Chill (CD on AD Music)

This CD from 2006 offers 76 minutes of lively contemporary electronic music tempered with enthralling ambient eyes of the storm.

Code Indigo is: David Wright and Robert Fox on keyboards, piano, and FX, Dave Massey on rhythm and bass programming, and Andy Lobban on guitars.

Dreamy tonalities provides a suitably sparse palette for classically tinged piano to establish a dramatic presence. Piercing space guitar surfaces from the depths to blaze cosmic riffs into the stately formation. Soft rhythms emerge in tandem with punctuations of enormous bass, establishing a thrilling foundation for the counterpart of piano and astral guitar. As the track continues, the percussion adopts a more forceful delivery, and everything thickens to maintain stability.

As the music progresses, entrancing moods periodically suppress these outbursts of vigor, producing languid stretches of soothing significance. But powerful tuneage persists in fighting its way to the surface, where luxurious electronics mesh with energetic e-perc and stratospheric guitar pyrotechnics.

The compositions are a tasteful blend of chill-out ambience and more dynamic structures, each flavored nicely with the heat of fiery guitar and the sultry lure of serpentine beats. Vaporous passages immerse the audience in realms of ethereal substantiality, while the more overt tracks stimulate the brain with charismatic pyres of enchanting disposition. The tone is always modern, with radio signals peppering the flow and an overall demeanor of facing forward and not looking back

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