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John Lakveet

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A newcomer to the EM genre, John Lakveet is worthy of significant attention for his dynamic compositions.

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JOHN LAKVEET: The Force of Reason (CD on Groove Unlimited)

This release from 2004 features 70 minutes of engaging electronic music.

Elegant tonalities are swiftly peppered by energetic keyboards, driving melodies that cavort and swirl with enthusiastic vigor. The riffs exemplify nimble-fingered generation, spinning lavishly complex chords that are then cycled into an interwoven lattice of sparkling character. Haunting textures waft behind these lead elements, providing a dreamy backdrop for the uptempo music.

The electronics are fairly versatile, mixing sweet tones with sweeping grandness and pensively rumbling bass. Airy passages achieve dizzying altitudes, contrasted by compositions of denser quality that vibrate with cerebral inclination. The structure's vary, sometimes peppy with dripping keys, other times pulsating with breathy sequencing. A dynamic sense prevails in this tuneage, whether exploring a ricocheting tapestry of studied sparseness or plunging headfirst into dense thickets of meticulous insistence.

While e-perc is present, Lakveet also employs a host of surging electronic effects to produce non-impact rhythms.

Most of the tracks are short (averaging between 10 and 5 minutes long), focusing each tune through Lakveet's creative lens into tight compositions.

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JOHN LAKVEET: Proportions (CD on Groove Unlimited)

This CD from 2005 offers 73 minutes of thought-provoking electronic music.

Lakveet is joined on one track by Dom F. Scab. Ron Boots mastered the entire release.

Nimble-fingered keys contribute complex riffs to a lush foundation of pulsating electronic textures. Auxiliary harmonics add even more body to the sprightly tuneage, resulting in extremely busy structures that oscillate and throb with engaging temperament. Even when pursuing sparser configurations, the music carries a subtle density, often utilizing airy passages that convey a distinct weight and deliberate presence.

Chords flow forth with measured velocity. While cycles are generated, additional patterns seep in from the sidelines to embellish the mix like spicy seasoning. A blend of sparkling resonance and almost growling notes succeed in producing a lush sonic palette that bestows a satisfying range to the songs.

Percussion is relatively absent from this music. The pieces rely mostly on rapid succession of strident electronic sounds to provide a rhythmic propulsion.

A moodiness permeates this music, buried beneath lively chords and surging tonalities. Whether resulting from pensive attitudes or just cerebral intents, the compositions exhibit a scientific demeanor, carefully arranged and directed to stimulate cognitive processes with their peppy delivery.

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