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There's this internet discussion group populated by an international cross-section of notable EM musicians. One day, a challenge was issued to this community: the creation of tracks using only genuine analog synthesizers. Many authorities consider analog technology to be clunky and antique, while the more fashionable digital machinery is versatile and modern. Deciding to dispel this notion, several of the discussion group's musicians took the challenge and applied their creative talents to the task. The results of this were so impressive that Netherlands EM label Groove Unlimited compiled the pieces together into a series of CD releases.

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VARIOUS ARTISTS: Analogy Volume 1 (CD on Groove Unlimited)

This CD from 2005 offers 80 minutes of analog electronics.

This collection features exclusive contributions by:

Create: buzzing textures converge with lively results.

Remotion: an excursion into bubbling territories.

Loren Nerell, Steve Roach, and Chuck Oken (from Djam Karet): a clash of density, astral voids, and atmospheric structure.

Paul Ellis and Steve Roach: lively tones cavort with energetic e-perc.

4m33s: a pensive dose of melancholic moodiness.

Gert Emmens: a drive in the country ends up plunging into outer space.

Syn: nostalgic gear produces a particularly modern astral piece with notable pep.

Russell Storey: gurgling diodes are pushed to their bubbly limits.

Kees Aerts: contemporary EM meets techno with cosmic flavor,

Altres: deep tones race with urgent intentions.

Modulator ESP: frantic keys blend with a tidal wave of pulsations.

Ian Tescee: a more pastoral tone is presented for the CD's finale.

Blended into a continuous flow, these tunes create a satisfying voyage through divergent realms. While analog equipment may be considered archaic by many, these musicians illustrate that creativity is never limited by its tools.

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VARIOUS ARTISTS: Analogy Volume 2 (CD on Groove Unlimited)

This release from 2006 offers 80 minutes of analog electronics.

Featured here are exclusive tracks by:

Rogue Element: watery and pensive with dreamy textures laced with chirping birds.

Francois-pol Cornec: energetic melody with bouncy keys and sweeping tonalities.

4m33s: a moody approximation of a sunrise streaming across an alien landscape,

Gert Emmens & Ruud Heij: surging chords flavored with celestial atmospherics that accretes notable vigor of high appeal.

Russell Storey: part one of a spacey excursion with dramatic disposition.

James J. Clent: mounting electronic cycles spiced with astral guitar.

Craig Padilla: an ambient intro plunges into high energy terrain with hyperactive loops and twinkling quasi-rhythms.

Kees Aerts: a determined electronic riff is enlivened with sinuous e-perc and fanciful effects.

Zen Paradox: eastern influences tweak an environment of erratic beats and a rising surf of lush textures.

Stephen Parsick (from 'Ramp): a spooky dose of ricocheting effects amid a nebulous fog of haunting demeanor that escalates into a dense tapestry of rewarding sonics.

Create: a heavenly excursion into moody layers and growling electronics.

Altres: acoustic guitar accompanied by congenial synth riffs and mirthful embellishments.

Russell Storey: part two of the prior piece, in which things take a darker turn with eerie results.

Remotion: lavish keys swim in a sparkling pool agitated by churning non-impact rhythms.

Remy: portentous textures ascend with majesty and are seasoned with pulsing tones and glistening effects.

EM2: carefree cycles become dominated by more resonant riffs with gentle e-perc nibbling at the edges.

Ron Boots: a monumental finale as dense tones fuse with masterful riffs of growing vigor, rising to a coda of shrill eruptions.

Again, the musicians demonstrate inventive applications of analog technology coupled with diversity and satisfying acumen. Standout contributions from Parsick and Boots.

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