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Syndromeda is Belgian synthesist Danny Budts. Combining grandiose electronics with monumental percussion, his music possesses epic dimensions that are consistently appealing and gripping. Budts is one of a handful of modern composers who dependably achieve this lofty state with seeming ease.

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SYNDROMEDA:Last Days on Earth (CD on SinSyn)

This release from 2006 features 70 minutes of powerful electronic music.

Despite the apparent doomsday aspect implied by the CD's title, this music evokes a decidedly optimistic mood as the melodies strive for soul-gripping grandeur. Although the last track, "Too Hot for Hell", does descend into a darkness that sears with ominous augurs, the end result is one of liberation from this dire heat.

Densely layered electronic riffs establish lush panoramas of glimmering sonics. Textural vistas are generated, then embellished with active sequences of vibrant disposition. Growling diodes conspire with demonstrative keyboards to create melodies that persist in increasing in scope with each successive passage. Pensive stretches lead to pinnacles of dazzling majesty. Incidental effects become integral as the tunes progress, mounting tension and drama as the noises merge with the insistently driving central themes of the music.

Percussives contribute vivid propulsion as plodding beats escalate into frantic rhythms, plunging the spacey melodies into lofty altitudes. Breathtaking combinations of riffs increase the overall illustriousness until the listener finds themselves propelled on a tide of powerful tuneage that is determined to inflict a cosmic sense of awe.

The inventive fusion of astral tonalities and hyperactive pulsations results in a thrilling pace that is resplendent with engaging surprises while never failing to mesmerize.

With four tracks on the disc (the first clocking in at 22 minutes long, with the rest averaging 15 minutes a piece), these songs are allowed ample time to evolve and mutate into epic compositions with an abundance of engaging variations.

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SYNDROMEDA: Attack (CD on Neu Harmony)

This release from 2006 features 67 minutes of romping electronic music.

The music on this release explores a more lighthearted sampling of Syndromeda's sonic stylings, which peppy rhythms and jovial tuneage. The electronics are suitably dense and urgent, just less severe than one might expect from the release's title.

Typically versatile in tone, the songs surge and caper with energetic vitality. Electronics establish lavish melodies that pound and throb with lively tempos. Crisp e-perc bestows ample propulsion for the nimble harmonies. The rhythms are complex and sinuous, stimulating excellent animation.

Keyboards create slippery riffs that wind and turn with inventive determination. Layering of these vigorous threads produces a thrilling density that is entirely satisfying, often dizzying as the tunes escalate to vertiginous heights with their lush pulsations. Shrill tones share the air with deeper resonances, establishing an evenly tempered blend that leaves no senses undazzled.

Some of the tracks exhibit a dedicated urgency that propels the listener into a realm of wild expectancy. The "attack" seems to be aimed at boredom and lethargy, and that assault is highly infectious and victorious in its efforts to stimulate and banish the doldrums.

You cannot conventionally purchase this album. It is exclusively available as a free download when you place an order with Synth Music Direct the EM mail order company that operates in conjunction with the Neu Harmony label. For details about this procedure, check out the "Downloads" page on Synth Music Direct's website. Several tasty releases by other bands are offered too.

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