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Majestic Electronics by David Wright (Solo and with Trinity and Code Indigo)

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For several decades David Wright has produced electronic music of a particularly majestic nature. Rich in an accessible blend of humanity and otherworldliness, this music has earned the British synthesist an international reputation for quality electronic music.

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DAVID WRIGHT Connected (CD on AD Music)

This CD from 2012 features 75 minutes of stately electronic music.

Lavish electronics conspire with rhythms and a selection of synthetically generated other instruments√Ďall aimed at the creation of appealing tuneage.

The electronics are versatile, from symphonic to keyboards with sparkling tincture. Foundations of surging tones are initiated, then peppered with a profusion of lead riffs that rise and fall and interact to create lusher threads.

Among the threads, several concentrate on lavish keyboard expressions, delivering sinuous riffs of an elegant character. Smoldering sequences unfurl, looping and evolving with a fervent dedication to mesmerize the listener.

Rhythms play a vital role in this music, lending buoyant locomotion to the songs. The tempos are all lively, yet remain immersed in the mix so as not to overwhelm the flow.

Several conventional instruments are synthesized, like wistful flutes and regal horns and crisp sitar, each serving to flavor the music with emotional enhancement. Non-lyrical crooning is also employed, evoking a heavenly demeanor.

The overall emotional impact of these compositions is one of majestic optimism. The tunes establish a dreamy vista of charismatic luster, luring in the listener and cocooning them in a sonic zone of infectious rapture. The melodies are enticing, hypnotic with a suitable touch of pep. The performance is articulate, skilled with the arrangement of passages to elicit maximum audience participation in the pacific moods generated by the music.

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TRINITY Music for Angels (CD on AD Music)

This release from 2011 offers 67 minutes of heavenly electronic music.

Trinity is: David Wright, Neil Fellowes, and Nigel Turner Heffer.

Tender electronics and guitar and almost imperceptible rhythms produce soothing tuneage.

Track one is a short one (at 8 minutes, compared to the other, much longer compositions). Its dreamy opening of rippling mountainside water leads to gentle guitar strumming and reedy whistling electronics, describing a pleasant excursion through loving clouds.

The next piece (22 minutes long) unfurls a selection of celestial tones, teased by a dreamy keyboard cycle that eventually blossoms into a dominant thread. Flutish keys enter the mix, spreading a pastoral sentiment. Soon, a pair of guitars add dual melodies (one gentle picked out, the other a grungy twang dwelling in the background) to blend with the ongoing electronics. These tangential guitars explore some enjoyable progressions, elaborating on their initial chords and creating a comfortable path through sun-lit fields.

The last track (37 minutes long) combines languid texturals with angelic chorales. Glittering peripheral electronics swim through the radiant mix. A tender guitar contributes a romantic edge to the heavenly chorales. Eventually, a reedy keyboard usurps dominance with its relaxing undulations, soon accompanied by the rise of satin percussion whose beats serve to elevate the flow to drift amid a cloudscape of resplendent vapors. The guitar returns, establishing a courtly ascension. Now all the elements coexist in a sparkling union: the strummed guitar, the plonking rhythms, the lilting keyboards, the reedy textures, the angelic choir...all fusing together to produce an endearing finale.

Overall, a luscious excursion into heavenly sonic territory, tunes that soar with unhurried velocity to reach inspirational heights.

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This CD from 2013 features 76 minutes of noble music.

Code Indigo is David Wright (on keyboards), Dave Massey (on rhythm programming), Dave "DJ" Bareford (on guitar), Nigel Turner-Heffer (on guitar and keyboards), and Neil Fellowes (on keyboards).

Pleasant electronics and chugging rhythms craft songs denouncing corporate greed.

The electronics are diverse and fluid. While texturals unfurl into expansive layers of gaseous definition, other electronics generate vibrant passages that brim with mounting power. Keyboards create many of these threads, their resonance intertwining to offer riffs of enticing density. Piano lends a pensive touch to some songs.

Guitar contributes blazing riffs of incandescent beauty. Grand sustains spiral through the mix, radiant with an infectious luster. In a few occasions, the guitar goes tender with gentle chords.

Percussion of a bouncy nature furnish sinuous rhythms, transforming the flow into spry tunes. Often, these rhythms achieve a nimble complexity that is quite mesmerizing.

A variety of alternate instruments are sampled, like regal horns, their presence creeping through the mix.

A selection of vocal samples are periodically utilized. Their content serves to condemn the international banks for the economic disaster currently plaguing mankind, for the "meltdown" referred to by the album's title is a financial one.

Yet these compositions are devoid of any nastiness in their sonic character. The tunes are noble, often celestial in their soaring sentiment, infusing the audience with a sense of fortitude necessary to combat and survive the oncoming economic collapse.

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