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Electronics: Uwe Gronau, Mythos, Ramsaygee

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UWE GRONAU Visions (CD on Gronau Music)

This CD from 2013 features 76 minutes of jazzy electronic music.

Gronau plays Virus synthesizer, Hammond B3, mini Moog Voyager, and Yamaha piano. He is joined on certain tracks by: Matthias Keidel (on saxophone) and Pete Sayer (on guitar).

Use of texturals is minimum; the gist of the electronics are triggered by keyboards, generating lithe threads that flesh out this musicÕs urban milieu. A diverse selection of sounds are synthesized, ranging from gutsy bass pitches to lighthearted airy tonalities, bestowing the music with a rich variance of complimentary resonance.

These keyboard riffs lend sultry fluidity to the tunes. Dominant piano contributes a traditional flavor to the music, attributing a modern jazz mode, while other keys deliver sprightly pep to spacier tracks.

Percussion plays a vital role here, with snappy rhythms boosting the musicÕs energetic temperament with delicious propulsion.

The guitar contributes a romantic flair to one piece, balanced by a secondary thread of searing pyrotechnics; while the saxophone lends another track a wistful yearning.

These compositions seethe with lively animation. While some of the songs pursue an astral disposition, most of this contemporary electronic music exhibits strong jazz roots. Consequently, the tunes manifest a bouncy liquid sound that is quite satisfying.

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MYTHOS Surround Sound Evolution (CD on Sireena Records)

This CD from 2012 offers 78 minutes of animated electronic music.

Spacey electronics and compulsive rhythms generate tuneage of an astral nature.

The electronics are versatile and spry, delivering engaging riffs with a whimsical dedication. Often a squeaky edge marks the sounds, lending a quirky flavor to the chords. At other times, the noises bubble with a celestial fervor.

Many of the electronics are keyboard-driven, producing lilting riffs of an animated character. These melodies abound with cosmic airs, many of which are infused with a bouncy attitude as the chords chug along with congenial enthusiasm. Many of the notes sparkle with a lovely luster.

The rhythms are often synthetic, sneakily injecting beats into the mix with a casual aplomb. A wide range of inventive sounds are utilized in these agile tempos, providing an ample degree of locomotion.

Synthesized strings lend one tune a classic undercurrent.

With their hyperactive dynamics, these compositions possess an energetic demeanor. This sprightly attitude is frequently balanced by spacey passages that carry the listener to interplanetary vistas, where the invigorating temperament resumes with alluring abandon.

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RAMSAYGEE Digital Nights (CD on AD Music)

This CD from 2009 features 60 minutes of jazzy electronic music.

Ramsaygee is Gareth Ramsay.

Agile electronics and sinuous rhythms produce engaging tuneage.

The electronics are slick and versatile, ranging from crystalline tonalities to winsome oscillations to gutsy chords. Keyboards are utilized to trigger the majority of the sounds. Most of the riffs rely on nimble-fingered keys rather than looped sequences, allowing the themes the freedom to elaborate on themselves with spry vitality. Those riffs dance with sly abandon within the mix, embellishing the overall flow with intriguing depth.

Percussion contributes crucial propulsion to the music, giving the flowing melodies a tasty oomph with snappy tempos. Some of the beats pop with refreshing cadence, injecting some passages with a jovial demeanor.

The addition of some very Pink Floyd type guitar lends a few tracks an extra astral quality. While in other pieces, the guitar lurks deep in the mix, transforming its contributions into a subliminal rumble.

These compositions tend to inject this contemporary electronic music with a subtle jazz undercurrent that results in some novel passages. ThereÕs a relaxed ease with which these songs present their melodies, a distinctly stately posture concerning their lively nature. decorative rule

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