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Astral Disaster by ['ramp]

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['ramp] (aka Stephen Parsick) is the unique purveyor of "doombient" music, electronic soundscapes that are rich with a dark undercurrent and often stray into lively passages of surging tonalities.

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['ramp] Astral Disaster (CD on Doombient Music)

This CD from 2013 features 77 minutes of dark electronic music recorded live in concert at Bochum Planetarium on July 7, 2012.

['ramp] is Stephen Parsick.

Dense electronics achieve an ambience tinged with eerie portends.

Initial drones usher the audience into a dark realm where synthesized tones establish a milieu of mounting tension. Bass tones provide rhythmic approximation, setting forth a ponderous tempo that is eventually livened by friskier electronic pulsations. These pulsations escalate in velocity and complexity until they have manifested a spry melody that seethes with an ominous temperament. This melody proceeds to evolve, seeking out variations with snickety faux beats and nimble-fingered auxiliary riffs. A period is reached where the flow enters a spacey stretch, with echoing effects and gurgling diodes. A sparkling thread emerges from this void to gradually usurp command of the music, injecting a twinkling bell-like quality to the rising tide of keys. Eventually, the tune ebbs into a winsome fade marked by dwindling electronic sparkles.

The second of the two sets begins with a softly grinding ascension from the depths, mounting to a region of space filled with twinkling lights and shrill tones marking the advent of additional sounds. A monstrous throb marks a transition to a more melodic passage, in which this colossal throb repeats itself, expanding into a thunderous pulsation attended by a swelling celestial textural. This tapestry of deep throbbing and heavenly tones musters strength, until a state of sonic euphoria is achieved that leads to the emergence of a guiding riff that swells and takes command, harnessing the monstrous throb and the angelic choir to its chugging purpose. A dramatic flair seasons the gestalt, initiating an emotional uplifting as the threads unify into a glorious fusion of incarnate majesty. The tuneÕs passion stifles the audienceÕs breathing, leaving everyone gasping at the sheer magnificence of it all.

As usual, a splendid outing for ['ramp] , delivering a satisfying dose of electronic tuneage rich with a dark splendor.

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