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Electronics: Dreamerproject, the Glimmer Room, Dan Pound

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DREAMERPROJECT The Road to your Heart (CD on AD Music)

This CD from 2012 features 70 minutes of tender electronic music.

Dreamerproject is Kjetil Ingebrigsten.

Delicate electronics generate whimsical tunes.

The electronics exhibit a distinct sparkle as they outline melodies of fanciful temperament. While some texturals are present (often forming the lingering residue of prior chords), the electronics are mainly triggered by keyboards. Their chords possess a delightful crispness which gives each song a deeply intimate charisma. These notes shimmer with a wintry tincture.

Not much percussion is employed here, but the few instances are generally minimal, submerged in the mix and softened to remain unobtrusive.

The sparse density of these compositions works in their favor, achieving a personal connection between the audience and the music. The tunes are languid, relaxed; even the few bouncy tracks evoke a comfortable calm with their fragile resonance. Overall, Ingebrigsten has well-named his musical persona, for the melodies definitely exhibit a dreamlike character in their pleasant subtlety.

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THE GLIMMER ROOM The Wind Blows Summer from the Trees (CD or DDL on A-Frame Media)

This CD from 2012 features 49 minutes of dreamy electronic music.

The Glimmer Room is Andy Condon.

Dreamy electronics establish a pacific environment for introspection.

Airy texturals generate a lavish (yet ethereal) tapestry which is then embellished by an assortment of equally vaporous electronics. The result is a soundscape of tender undulations, seasoned by melodic threads which serve to lend the drones an organic character. Keyboard sustains sashay through the mix, flavoring the drift with endearing tones, while more substantial (yet still ethereal) keys instill a mounting sense of nobility to the sonic sedation with their crystalline resonance.

The tones are gentle and pleasant, designed to fill the audienceÕs environment with an amiable atmosphere. Those sensibilities easily seep into the listener with their elongated melodics.

Some environmental samples are employed to give the music an earthy vantage, while recordings of children at play foster nostalgic recollections. Rather than guide the musical flow, these additions serve as regions through which the tunes travel, zones marked by nature and humanity.

These compositions exemplify an infectious calm with their floating harmonics. The layers merge to create an auralscape of gently sighing diodes, coaxed by auxiliary electronics into a state of mildly invigorating tuneage designed to burrow beneath the listenerÕs conscious awareness and soothe cerebral activity to a waking dreamstate. As the music progresses, a celestial quality creeps in, communicating a sense of potential fulfillment.

The disc comes in a DVD package and includes a ribbon-bound 13-page booklet chronicling the musicianÕs personal journey while making the music.

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DAN POUND Spherical (CD on Poundsounds)

This CD from 2013 offers 74 minutes of tenderly invigorated ambient music.

Ambient electronics get a subtle boost from gentle rhythms.

The first track is an excellent example of this style of calm soundscape whose sedate posture is given appealing vitality with chugging percussion and an assortment of novel chittering effects dancing at the periphery of the textural flow.

The next piece adopts a more pensive disposition, as solemn flutes tickle the pulsing tones. The flutes even muster into a dominant vantage, establishing a mood of returning after a long time.

Track three lays down a sighing auralscape, then agitates that flow with inventive electronic effects and a relaxed tribal beat. During pauses of the latter, the foundation ripples with airy expressions.

Track four is the albumÕs longest song (at 16 minutes, compared to the 7-11 average of the other pieces). This duration allows the composition time to gradually evolve its undulant tonalities. A brief passage featuring acoustic guitar leads to a vista in which auxiliary electronics season the background drone, exciting things to a state of pleasant allure. The guitar returns, this time in both acoustic and electric modes, generating an understated jazz sentiment to the pulsating electronics. Before the piece concludes, the electronics get the chance to flourish with almost piercing clarity.

The electronics swing into a distinctly cinematic flair in the next piece, as the sashaying backdrop tones ring with a crisper resonance, replacing somber drones with majestic chords. Grinding effects and almost reluctant rhythms add a tasty depth to the piece.

Track six tempers gently growling electronics with livelier keyboard threads. While these bouncy keys evolve into a rolling tempo, the electronics surge with insightful luster, creating a melodic buoyancy.

Dreamy tones and tender guitar mark the last song as a peaceful coda to the album.

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