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Gray Mortuary is Tony Arnold, an indie musician whose stunning music deserves sincere attention.

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GRAY MORTUARY Indicia (CD on Gray Mortuary)

This CD from 2013 features 79 minutes of progressive hard rock music.

Electronics, guitar and percussion serve to fashion some tasty electro-rock music.

The electronics are versatile. Droney textures sometimes, at other times glaring keyboard riffs, while upon other occasions they shimmer as pulsating undercurrents like silvery streams of water. Keyboard-driven riffs unfurl and slither throughout.

The guitar is a major contributor to the sheer prog dazzle of these tunes. A variety of delivery methods are employed: spacey wails, crunchy assaults, twangy chords, squealing outcries, and some darned flashy arena-style outbursts.

A bass presence exists, but is generally hidden, immersed in the thick mix of the other instruments. At times, though, the bass bullies its way to the forefront and dominates the music with silken thunder.

The percussion is often harsh, in-your-face, serving to escalate the overall puissance of the music. Some beats penetrate the psyche like bullets. Others thump in a manner that bobs the listenerÕs head. In a few instances, the percussion becomes the lead instrument, but not in a solo way, more so providing the central thread for other riffs to play upon.

These compositions are quite catchy and superbly performed, resulting in tuneage that glistens as it smolders. Arnold has a clever hand at turning things into pounding epics while retaining a simplistic charm at the nucleus of these explosive songs.

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