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Jah Wobble collaborates with Marconi Union

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JAH WOBBLE & MARCONI UNION Anomic (CD on 30 Hertz Records)

This CD from 2013 features 42 minutes of contemporary rock music.

Strong basslines support a bevy of electronics and rhythms, generating rather tasty tuneage thatÕs not too edgy but far from feeble.

The electronics are versatile and generaly soft, hiding their integral presence by generating an undulating backdrop that serves to bond the other instruments into a lovely union.

In one form or another, bass is a strong component in this music. Whether the notes are sturdy and prominent or cunningly disguised and buried in the mix, the bass contributes a delightfully vital presence.

Percussion also supplies a steady flow of rhythms, mostly soft and pursuing luxurious tempos. These rhythms lend comfortable locomotion to the music.

ThereÕs some snarling guitar too, smoldering within the mix like a sensuous beacon amid vaporous clouds.

These compositions are pleasant and flowing. Despite the complexity of the actual instrumentation, the gestalt manages to ring with deceptive simplicity. Not that thereÕs anything minimal about this tuneage; quite the contrary: the songs are strong and compelling in a mesmerizing fashion. These songs exhibit a sultry charm in the way the genres of contemporary electronics are interwoven with a form of soft rock. The tunes are often heavenly; not in any theological way, but more so in the way they lift the listenerÕs spirits to lofty altitudes.

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