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The Sparkling Electronic Music of Steve Moore

Besides being one half of the synth-rock band Zombi (with A.E. Paterra) for several years, Steve Moore has released a number of solo albums of fine electronic music. Below, we look at his latest solo effort...

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STEVE MOORE Light Echoes (CD on Cuneiform Records)

This CD from 2013 features 70 minutes of spacey electronic music.

Rich electronics speak with a commanding authority as they create tuneage that blends spaciness with a vibrant sense of fluid melody.

Track one opens with an electronic growl, leading into a twinkling interstellar void seasoned with bouncy keyboards that generate a substantial lead for dreamy textures that waft through the mix. A series of remote effects tease the song's periphery with their haunting influence.

Sparkling pulsations guide the next piece through a vista alive with sprightly tonalities, while deep bass thrums churn in the distance. Until a lead riff emerges, sweetly shrill and highly enticing, to goad the tune into a posture of stately puissance. The latter mode is enhanced by the cadence of charged electronics that provide a bristling tempo.

Track three adopts a moodier character. Dense oscillations wind their way through a stellar wind until a snarling riff takes command and looms into supremacy...only to give rise to a competing regal electronic resonance. Instead of dueling, these riffs conspire to achieve a brooding attitude that seethes with cosmic elegance.

Track four takes a sterner look at photonic activity, translating light into a series of agile keyboard patterns that gracefully intertwine to form a tapestry of delightful charm. Piercing electronic pitches enhance the mesh to sinuous undulations which ultimately bestow the ascending flow with a stately majesty. Even the pitches are boosted to a level of incarnate intensity, resulting in a crescendo of dazzling beauty.

Track five perpetuates this glittering sound with twinkling notes that fill the sky with their brilliant glow. An earthy riff acts as a counterpoint, grounding the melody as it expands into a display of mesmerizing luster. Vibrant interplay swells until the cloudbank throbs with euphoric resonance.

The last composition is the album's epic (at 28 minutes), and offers a plethora of passages that evolve into a diverse selection of cosmic tuneage. Sharp keyboard notes punctuate sweeping chords with rewarding consequences. The tune moves through a progression of stages in which structures are established, allowed to run their course, eventually mutating into different constructions. This evolutionary process continues, each subsequent flow emerging from its predecessor like a bright phoenix surging forth from resplendent vistas to flourish with their own breathtaking grace. Nimble-fingered keys provide tantalizing verve to the ongoing sonic seduction. The piece culminates with a grandiose increase of intensity as snarling pulsations swamp the serpentine cycles, then ebb to allow a finale of cerebral gentility to ensue.

This album delivers a wonderful dose of masterful tuneage. While lacking in percussive beats, a rhythmic presence is achieved through the strident delivery of notes whose cycles generate tempos amid a vortex of sparkling electronics. Engaging and enticing, the music exudes a potent vitality without ever stooping to hyperactivity.

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