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Awesome Electronic Music by Parallel Worlds and Dave Bessell

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During recent years, Parallel Worlds (aka Greek synthesist Bakis Sirros) has mesmerized and delighted EM aficionados with his stylish fusions of ilbient and contemporary electronic music.

In the mid-1990s, Dave Bessell was a founding member of the now-legendary UK electronic ensemble Node (with Flood, Gary Stout, and Ed Buller).

Here we have a splendidly haunting collaboration by the twoÉ

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This CD from 2012 features 60 minutes of wonderful electronic music.

A bewitching blend of abstract sounds and melodic elements, resulting in haunting quasi-ambient tuneage.

The electronics are quite versatile, spanning the range from sweet tones to gritty pulsations to vibrating piano notes to vaporous texturals. The majority of the electronics are triggered by other-than-keyboard means, dials twiddled and coaxed to produce sounds of exotic demeanor. Consequently, the flow consists of diverse tonalties blending together in a curious manner, only to formulate into a glorious pinnacle. Auxiliary electronic effects chitter at the periphery of this coalescion, helping to define the overtly unearthly venue.

There might be some wicked guitar lurking in hereÉor it might just be the synthesized outcry of a crunching guitar. It's hard to tell with both musicians so skilled at creating sounds from cybernetic currents. Whatever--the quasi-guitar goes nicely with a bevy of blooping effects in one track.

There is some percussion, but the beats are assembled to provide dramatic punctuation more so than to achieve any tempo.

These compositions are notable in the manner they converge seemingly random factors into a beautiful gestalt of sound, producing tunes of eerie disposition. Evocative and spellbinding, this music coalesces abstract aspects and harmonic threads into melodic passages of glittering wonder. The songs exhibit an undulant quality as each contributing elements converges into a remarkable flow--and manages to convey a sirenesque call while doing so, drawing in the listener with the other sonic threads. And once things have merged into a cohesive unit, the music achieves a euphoric stature, elegant yet slightly ominous in its unsuspected potency.

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