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Two Sides of Gregory Kyryluk: Alpha Wave Movement and Within Reason

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A veteran electronic synthesist, Gregory Kyryluk has been crafting electronic music for a long time, mainly under the identity of Alpha Wave Movement (although he has released music as Thought Guild and Within Reason).

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ALPHA WAVE MOVEMENT Eolian Reflections (DDL on Periphery)

This release from 2012 features 60 minutes of ethereal electronic music.

Alpha Wave Movement is Gregory Kyryluk.

Dreamy electronics conjure relaxing passages of melodic delicacy.

The electronics are soft and smooth, delineating supple harmonic vapors of extremely atmospheric character. Textural vistas flow with aerial consistency, puissant despite their delicate structure. These cloudlike passages possess a subtle authority that seeps past the ears and delves deep into the psyche.

Keyboards are often employed to embellish the ethereal auralscapes with melodic substance, elaborating the flow with tender enhancements. These peaceful chords convey a lighthearted sense of euphoria.

A degree of percussion is present, but the tempos are always understated to the point of being almost subliminal, contributing gentle rhythms to this generally fluid tuneage. In a few instances, the percussion adopts a xylophonic quality, offering crisp but noble beats tinged with a melodic nature.

These compositions are designed to sedate while influencing the listener on a subconscious level, establishing connections between the mind and a realm of arid introspection. A distinctly desert mood is evoked by the music, transporting the audience to wastelands of grandeur in which expansive emotions are free to dwell without interference from civilized interference. This music's arid quality is suitably matched by an alluring celestial temperament.

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WITHIN REASON Subtle Shift (DDL on Periphery)

This release from 2012 features 67 minutes of dark ambient music.

Within Reason is Gregory Kyryluk.

Somber tonalities evoke a realm of inner contemplation.

While some of the electronics tend toward conventional resonance, the overall sound here is haunting and dark. Dense (but remote) texturals establish a murky backdrop that seethes with somber potency. Tones are often created and then elongated into infinite atmospherics whose shimmering pulsations are so tenuous that their evolutions are often too subtle to discern.

Keyboards are employed to provide auxiliary layers, generally pursuing a somber temperament. Lithe and lean, these riffs ripple with a fluid definition that excellently fits with the moody pastiche. An inventive palette is utilized in these synthetic chords, lending an otherworldliness to the sonic melodies.

While devoid of actual percussion, tempos are generated by the application of non-impact electronics which suitably emphasize the dreamy electronic flow. Chittery sounds provide an additional rhythmic presence in some pieces.

These compositions exemplify an eerie mood full of ambient drama. While primarily harmonic in nature, these songs possess a subtle melodic undercurrent that elevates them from conventional drone music. One can almost describe this music as "gray" electronics, for its demeanor is quite different from normal ambience, yet its darkness is not dedicated to any ominous intent. This tuneage stimulates the psyche from a deep, primordial vantage, and coaxes the listener into a state of edgy introspection. The result is surprisingly refreshing.

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