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Ethereal Electronic Music by Erik Wollo & Bernhard Wostheinrich

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ERIK WOLLO: Blue Radiance (CD on Projekt)

This 2015 release features 67 minutes of pleasantly peppy electronic ambience.

While he also plays synthesizers, Wollo is mainly a guitarist-but the sounds he gets from his instruments are extremely un-guitarlike. Through processing and treatments, he crafts sounds of ethereal beauty, tonalities that seethe with celestial majesty.

These sounds waft like glittering breezes through clouds generated by additional electronics, each element embellishing the other, forming a streaming flow of golden resonance. Often the tunes display a mild pep with jaunty pulsations and periodic guitar notes of a natural sort. There's a nice balance of spry and ambient pieces.

The presence of some obvious keyboards contributes an organic warmth to the melodies with their sensual flow.

There is no percussion, although on occasion staccato electronic notes are employed to inject a rhythmic presence into some tunes.

The compositions are crafted to mesmerize the listener. Pleasant tuneage of a shimmering nature, these songs explore realms of vaporous splendor. The melodies are rich and charismatic. They possess a sense of drama, but in a relaxed manner.

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This 2014 release features 63 minutes of bouncy ethereal electronic music.

We have a unique collaboration here, combining Wollo's ethereal guitar effects with Wostheinrich's command of abstract electronics-and the result is surprisingly melodic and wholly worthwhile.

Considering Wollo's style of processed guitar, it's downright problematic to differentiate between those sounds and the overall bevy of electronics that constitute this music. The "sounds" here tend to be soft (although there are several uptempo occasions), gentle clouds of ambience whose shimmer is both soothing and cerebrally invigorating. But there are numerous instances of more conventional (albeit spacey) guitarwork, wherein chords smolder with a restrained-yet-molten verve.

Meanwhile, the majority of the electronics express lively chords in a more overt manner, creating interesting riffs of high charisma. While some are clearly keyboard-triggered, many of the embellishments are generated by dials and diodes.

As previously mentioned, several songs feature passages that brim with vitality. Percussion plays a vital role in this music. Sinuous rhythms boost the charm of these surging pulsations, lending propulsion as they coax the melodies into a chugging altitude.

As far as Wollo's processed guitarisms: often celestial sustains are elongated into undulant threads and then teased into handsome structures of weaving tonality.

A few tracks feature female vocals, mostly in recitation mode, but sometimes lyrical.

These compositions possess infectious attributes. The melodies are captivating, and the music's ethereal-but-bouncy character enhances that appeal.

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ERIK WOLLO: Echotides (CD EP on Projekt)

This 2015 release features 43 minutes of delicate electronic music.

Track one begins with bobbing pulsations amid a delicious fog of swelling tonalities. Those pulsations establish a languid melody that is soon augmented by additional texturals, deepening the sonic pool with alluring embellishments. Eventually, trembling bell-like shimmers emerge to accompany the electronic flow to its sparkling conclusion.

Denser background atmospherics are present in the next piece. A gently plucked guitar contributes a dreamy enhancement to the harmonic generated by the sashaying backdrop.

The third track adopts a more spry demeanor with a Philip Glass-like keyboard loop that is soon joined by vaporous threads which entwine to create a soothing environment. As the song progresses, those foundational oscillations produce complimentary melodies. Together, everything evokes a gentle ascension into glorious light.

A different type of buoyant pulses open the fourth piece. Auxiliary electronics support this cavorting thread. All the while, a chugging presence emerges to guide the tune through majestic variations. Subsequent effects enter the mix, each one embellishing the overall gestalt until a lush melody is achieved.

Track five employs a selection of bouncy sounds (akin to sprung springs) to craft a glacial rhythm supported by flowing astral tones that contribute sweeping harmonics to the central sproinging theme. A gentle warble slides into play, slightly reminiscent of a steel violin, injecting a classical edge to this pleasantly agile tune.

The sixth piece features a calming combination of amiable keyboards and silver tones that float on mercurial currents. They generate a passage of congenial beauty.

The last track opens with a quasi-harmonium drone that gradually coaxes a march of jovial pulsations into play. The drone persists, adopting endearing qualities as it gains strength. Eventually, the pulsations shine and reveal their true authority as the tune's coda.

A lovely dose of dreamy electronics infused with a touch of oomph.

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