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"Jules Verne Forever" by Mythos

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MYTHOS: Jules Verne Forever (CD on Groove Unlimited)

This 2015 release features 78 minutes of steampunk electronic music.

Mythos is Stephan Kaske (on laser harps, flute, mellotron, vocoder, sequencers and synthesizers).

Rich electronics conspire with rhythms to evoke moods of daring exploits of adventurous scientific achievements-that occurred in the fiction of Jules Verne decades before they became reality.

Pulsations establish separate threads that interweave to generate a lush tapestry of lilting melodics. Each thread is embodied with its own unique resonance: some are airy and expansive, others twinkle with nimble-fingered keys. While many pursue an emotional intensity, communicating the state of awe felt by those who first witnessed the accomplishments of Captain Nemo and Phileas Fogg.

Keyboards guide an amount of the electronics to craft sinuous riffs of glistening beauty. But other, peripheral effects contribute to the vibrant pastiche, seasoning the flow with their eccentric presence. The combined effect is often dreamy despite the spry nature of the elements involved in creating the gestalt.

Rhythms play a vital role here. Sometimes these tempos are produced by semi-conventional percussives (meaning e-drums), and other times non-impact electronics serves as beats. Either way, the rhythms provide a sultry locomotion to those songs.

These compositions flourish in a steampunk fashion (for isn't Verne the grandfather of that genre?-again long before it was recognized as such). And yet, this tuneage captures that feeling with only a subtle use of hissing steam and grinding gears and clunking pistons. The tunes serve as an excellent soundtrack to the early days of science, when scientists were more than just bespectacled nerds, an era of the scientific adventurer, dashing and reckless and facing the unknown with valiant determination. If any of that piques your interest, then the spirit of exploration is not dormant in you-and this music with enthrall you.

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