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"Electric Sepulcher" by Church of Hed

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CHURCH OF HED: Electric Sepulcher (CD on Eternity's Jest Records)

This 2015 release features 43 minutes of bouncy electronic music.

Church of Hed is Paul Williams (from Quarkspace).

A tasty dose of bouncy electronic tunes.

While being versatile, these electronics also comport themselves with a touch of spry humor. (Not outright silly humor, but suffice it to say this music lacks the taking-itself-too-seriously intellectualism practiced by many purveyors of contemporary electronic music.) There's a nice balance of background layers supporting a bevy of centerstage keyboard riffs, which sidereal effects are frequent-everything blending to formulate some appealing tuneage.

Williams' simultaneous use of high-end squeals and pensive bass sounds results in a nice contrast that runs through many of these instrumental songs.

Much of the melodies' components come in the form of nimble-fingered keyboards, crafting riffs that vary and mutate rather than engage in endless looping.

While rhythms play a strong role here, the beats are not always percussive in origin. Several times, tempos are generated by the rapid cyclic use of non-impact sounds (usually synthetic in nature). But then, there's real percussion going on too, electronic in some spots, organic beats in others.

These compositions explore a buoyant sentiment. Often tinged with eerie undertones, the songs sway and cavort along, teasing the forebrain with potential consequences, while goading some to actually get up and dance a little. Not that this stuff is techno; it just shows a luscious balance of pulsate and bounce.

To be fair, not every song is an energetic outing. A few are spacey excursions into moods-hardly low-key, just not as frenetic as everything else.

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