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"Sinew and Lace" by Galactic Anthems

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GALACTIC ANTHEMS: Sinew and Lace (CD on Galactic Anthems Music)

This 2014 release features 77 minutes of adventurous music.

Galactic Anthems is Glenn Adams.

For years, Adams' music has tread a fine line between contemporary electronics and vivacious progressive rock. With this release, he has forged a masterful blend of both that transcends his prior efforts.

What we have here is a full range of instruments, but they are all synthesized, from horn sections to orchestral swells. All of this is employed to create a thrilling excursion into a realm where magic clashes with science, populated equally by ghosts and cyborgs.

Consequently, each song conveys an ample degree of grandeur and noble pomp. The tunes muster puissance with ease, communicating stately concepts and earth-shattering conflicts in a manner that is contagious and alluring.

Keyboard-driven melodics abound, from swaying reedy tones to surging sweeps of a dynamic nature to hyperactive riffs that squeal with energetic delight. But these electronics are matched by the bevy of synthesized aspects. Synthetic horn sections rear their mantles to generate vistas of bravery and triumph. String sections conjure elegant passages of high-flying nobility. Strains of celestial chorales inject an organic presence.

Percussion provides strong locomotion, whether in the form of compelling rhythms or ranks of bass drums pounding away as if the listener is attending a regal joust.

While this music cannot accurately be called "contemporary electronic music," neither can it be considered "progrock"-for elements of both are represented in burgeoning quantities, then flavored with touches of classical, soundtrack, and Celtic. Whatever classification one wants to give it, this tuneage deserves attention regardless of your preference. The songs are peppy and insistent, majestic and full of adventurous demeanor. Catchy and evocative, this music is guaranteed to satisfy.

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