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Solo Album by Node Member Dave Bessell

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Don't tell me you've never heard of Node-legendary electronic music UK band whose sole album from 1995 has established a pinnacle worthy of being envied by the best...until they recently reformed and released a second album last year. Oh man, you must check out this stuff!

Meanwhile, Dave Bessell is a member of Node, and he has a new solo album...

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DAVE BESSELL: Black Horses of the Sun (CD on DiN)

This 2015 release features 63 minutes of haunting electronic music.

Accompanying Bessell on three of the nine tracks are: Ian Boddy, Liam Boyle, and Lyonel Bauchet.

A variety of electronics are employed to craft these languid tunes. Full of pulsating diodes and blooping tonalities, a mood of cosmic immersion is created and maintained, although the venue changes from song to song. A light-hearted touch of ominous is followed by a chiming ascension through bell-like clouds.

Percussion is generally absent from this music. but some tracks feature a rhythmic presence in the cyclic application of non-impact pulsations.

There are a few instances of space guitar outbursts, but it's difficult to tell whether the instrument is a real axe or entirely synthesized. Does it matter? The passages are enriched by these astral outcries.

These compositions have a tendency to begin mild, exploring tangents inherent in the elements, but gradually the tuneage rallies in strength until a breathtaking (if not exuberant) crescendo is achieved.

Dreamier pieces establish haunting vistas of ethereal tones, but Bessell swiftly seasons those tapestries with dramatic pitches and yearning squeals. An inventive selection of artificial sounds is utilized in constructing these songs, resulting in a distinctly "alien" feel to things. Yet the tunes themselves speak to human axioms, rousing tension or relaxation in the audience, triggering a variety of emotional responses. This is the mark of a truly gifted electronic composer: using unearthly resonance to evoke viscerally human reactions. Whether you feel it in your frontal lobes or your gut, this music's effects are unavoidable-and delightfully so. The melodies convey vivid sentiments that lie waiting in all our hearts.

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