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Electronics: Alpha Wave Movement, Polaris, David Wright

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ALPHA WAVE MOVEMENT: System A (DDL on Harmonic Resonance)

This 2014 release features 58 minutes of attractive electronic music.

Alpha Wave Movement is Gregory Kyryluk.

Delicate electronics and synthetic rhythms concoct some attractive tuneage.

The first track explores a zone of remotely echoing texturals punctuated by a series of blooping satellites, gradually a host of pulsations usher everything off-stage.

The next piece employs heavenly tones to create a dreamy flow that becomes sprinkled by sparkling effects. A languid keyboard chord emerges like a lighthouse beam to lead the listener through the blinking fog.

In track three, the keys adopt a choppy presence, while auxiliary keys craft a fluid riff of sinuous character. Remote beats lend an edgy undercurrent to the gentle electronic cascade. The surfacing of a nimble key riff embellishes the already lush tapestry created by the other elements, resulting in shimmering sonic beauty.

The fourth song flourishes with airy tones and a series of crisp keyboard riffs. Their extension produces a resonance rich with regal character. Echoey spoken recitations lend a human presence to this astral excursion.

Track five unfurls some dense vaporous textures, then populates those clouds with swooping effects and whispering diodes. At 16 minutes long, this song explores a gradual coalescence of harmonic threads into a melodic journey into amiable realms. Softly articulated pulsations season the mix, breaking ground for more demonstrative (but still soft) electronics to carve canyons in the void. Dreamy keys guide the listener through this majestic pastiche.

The last piece explores a darker region of minimal drones accompanied by rumbling tonalities. A voice whispers from deep in the sparse mix. A mood of intense isolation is achieved.

An excellent dose of mesmerizing tuneage.

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POLARIS: Way Out (limited edition CD on Ricochet Dream)

This 2014 release features 56 minutes of peppy electronic music.

Polaris is Jakub Kmiec.

A lavish amount of electronics are employed to create these fluid yet peppy tunes. While somewhat present, ethereal textures are generally overwhelmed by a multitude of more strident layers dominated by nimble keyboards, cosmic washes and powerful effects. By multitracking several individual riffs, lush melodies are generated, spilling forth with smooth authority.

While one thread may be pursuing a frolicking riff with reedy resonance, another could be counterpointing that animation with a more simplistic cybernetic pulsation, while another layer is reserved for ascending oscillations. A novel selection of different sounds is utilized, bestowing the music with an impressive versatility.

Rhythms contribute quirky locomotion for these tunes, but often the beats are created by the rapid-repetition of non-impact sounds that often mutate themselves into existence out of already ongoing threads. There are still occasions when more traditional percussion provides propulsion, like when sashaying bongos interact with gritty e-perc.

One piece features some tastily twang guitarwork.

These compositions inject some dance sensibilities into what is otherwise contemporary electronic music. This supplementary pep is craftily handled so that the dancefloor option is entirely secondary. The music touts a delightful crisp nature, a crispness that shows in the sonic palette as well as the talent directing the melodies. And the tunes are quite fun.

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DAVID WRIGHT: Beyond the Airwaves, Volume 1 (CD & DDL on AD Music)

This 2014 release features 78 minutes of smoothly regal electronic music recorded live.

Delicate electronics and sinuous rhythms produce smoothly flowing electronic tuneage.

There's a certain fluidity to Wright's application of electronic sounds. For one, he rarely employs unearthly noises, restricting his sonic palette to pulsations that characterize more organic moods.

Keyboards control much of the electronics, establishing a network of flowing chords that interweave to create variations. Generally, instead of crafting texturals to serve as foundational layers, Wright likes to take one of the forefront sequences and relegate it to a background vantage for a while to function as a droney backdrop. In this ever-shifting fashion, elongated sustains form shimmering fog banks.

The presence of traditional piano throughout this music introduces a richly emotional content to the dreamy vistas.

Rhythms play a vital role here, providing gentle oomph to the undulating melodies. The tempos are often unhurried with tender beats that chug more than they pound.

These compositions exhibit a relaxed gentility. While the tunes possess distinct authority, the melodies prefer to remain pacific and mellow, allowing their real vitality to flourish as pinnacles of euphoric ecstasy.

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