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The Dynamic Electronic Music of Syndromeda

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Syndromeda (aka Danny Budts) has been crafting dynamic electronic music for many years from his Belgian studio. Here are his latest...

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SYNDROMEDA: The Final Conspiracy (CD on SinSyn Music)

This release from 2009 offers 67 minutes of dramatic electronic music.

The electronics are a fine blend of deep bass and crisp highs, resulting in an ominous foundation seasoned with scampering riffs that sparkle with vitality. This juxtaposition results in an enticing lush resonance--full of climactic moods and zesty riffs.

Nimble-fingered keyboards produce slippery riffs that deliver compelling mystery and soaring titillation. Each chord plunges the listener deeper into the intrigue.

A plethora of auxiliary effects conspire to boost the music's surprise elements, generating a milieu of taut pressure with an equal ratio of satisfying pay-offs. Growling undercurrents in one piece embellish an overall trepidation.

While little actual percussion is utilized, dramatic rhythms are achieved through the application of non-impact notes that establish suitable propulsion for the tunes. One song, though, does employ drums of a profound timbre, belting out a sluggish beat that reeks with tension.

These compositions seethe with power and a deadly charm. The listener is easily drawn into a realm of suspense, then kept on the edge of their seat with bewitching tension. Each track mounts the stress factor, sometimes with teeth-grinding acrobatics, other times through craftily applied harmonics that convey thrilling expectation.

After this adroit mounting of tension, the album delivers a tasty resolution with an almost hesitant piece flavored with breezy tones. A short finale is offered as Budts presents an instrumental version of a Japanese folk song that communicates lilting optimism.

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SYNDROMEDA: In C.H.A.O.S. (CD on SinSyn Music)

This release from 2009 offers 71 minutes of powerful electronic music.

Budts recorded the majority of this release in collaboration with C.H.A.O.S (Creative Harmonics and Organic Soundscapes, aka Dave Gurr and Ed Britten). A pair of bonus tracks are featured that are entirely crafted by Budts.

Track one features energized electronics that chug along with a liquid quality. Several threads are packed together in a surging tandem. Snickety e-perc lends a sprightly propulsion to the melodic compression. An icy character is exhibited by the rapidly pulsating notes as they tumble forth.

The next piece continues this mode of rapid-fire notes, shooting forth riffs which generate an agile tune that skates across a foundation of more temperate texturals. An escalation occurs, sending a snarling guitar riff soaring into ascension. Percussion is unnecessary here, for a profusion of tempos are provided by a particular keyboard sequence.

Track three features hard drums and squealing electronics. A tight melody is unleashed with delightful consequences. Auxiliary undercurrents establish a fierce depth that seethes with its own authority. Guitar wailings abound.

Track four features an abstract intro that gives way to hypnotic beats and lilting harmonics. Throbbing chords slither into play. A softly growling guitar makes a brief appearance, but is promptly swallowed by an up-surge of fresh electronics, spry and bouncy in character. This new element mutates with pleasant diversions, summoning forth a crisp tempo that propels things toward an intense culmination.

The opening of the following piece employs cathedral chanting to establish a solemn reverence. Sober tonalities unfurl, blending with gurgling diodes and swaying keyboard sustains. Buoyant electronics emerge, accompanied by sinuous e-perc and restrained space guitar howls. With each passing moment, additional aspects enter the mix, first a nimble keyboard riff, then a bouncy keyboard riff, followed by recurrent reprises of the remotely bellowing guitar. The e-perc adopts a crisp secondary rhythm. Everything fuses into an euphoric pattern of lively disposition.

After a pensive initiation, track six delivers a similar dose of agile riffs and bouncy percussion. The electronics generate a wall of supercharged chords. The beats are harsh and compulsive. The guitar wails away, fighting for supremacy amid the dazzling sonic vortex. Things achieve a glorious intensity.

The seventh piece flourishes with ponderous chords coexisting with sprightly keyboards. This cohesion produces a piercing thrill tinged with a surging locomotion of crafted pulsations. Sharp electronic beats erupt for the stratospheric conclusion.

The last track produces an ambrosial urgency with shrill electronics and snappy e-perc. The melody is suitably imperative.

The performers display an astounding command of epic intensity conspiring with an energetic bounciness. These tunes radiate a dynamic appeal guaranteed to satisfy aficionados of powerful EM.

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