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Chill Out with Lemonchill

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LEMONCHILL: Sentant (CD on Ricochet Dream)

This release from 2009 offers 51 minutes of sensual electronic music.

Lemonchill is Idan Or, an Israeli DJ.

Dreamy electronics blend with rhythms and ethnic strings, producing songs of highly enticing beauty.

The percussion is quite sensual, the rhythms evoking exotic nights under wafting palms and a rich yellow moon. Crisply delineated e-perc tempos provide sultry locomotion for the undulant melodies. Thereís a distinct techno touch lurking in the rhythms, but their velocity is reduced to an entrancing chill-out pace that stimulates intense engagement with their seductive properties.

Dulcimer and other stringed instruments season the music with delicately trancey riffs. Those riffs are languid and soothing. Chords are plucked and reverbed, generating a pleasant cadence of a shimmering crystalline character.

In this tuneage, the electronics actually function in support of the strings and rhythms. Textural washes unfurl and cascade through the mix. Wavery pulsations provide alluring diversions that slither through the mix in a pacific manner.

There are instances of vocals, but purely in a non-lyrical sense, haunting crooning that is relegated to an immersed vantage.

While Middle Eastern influences are present in these compositions, a modern flair is just as pronounced, flavoring the music with a tender demeanor. The real charm lies in the bewitching tuneage itself. A sense of dreamy elegance is predominant, bestowing the tunes with a fascinating charisma that seeps down into the listenerís psyche and spreads into a pleasant bliss. Edgy qualities exist, but they are swathed in a silken delivery that results in a wholly mesmerizing delight.

Highly recommended.

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